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排名 | 用戶名 | Percentile | | | 平局

Stwack!! is a turn-based, strategy, fighting game based on the popular childhood caricature commonly known as "stick man". In Stwack!!, this benign stick man figure comes to life with fearsome fighting fury!

Stwack!! is no ordinary arcade beat'em up game where the fastest fingers win. Instead, the outcome of a match depends on two important ingredients, careful selection of the skills and items you summon to a match as well as anticipating your opponent's moves throughout the match.

As you progress in Stwack!! by playing in matches and defeating your opponents, more powerful skills and useful items will become available to you. You will find that some skills and items in Stwack!! are based on the martial arts, some futuristic, some military, but mostly, they are downright hilarious. Ever heard of a "Harmless Bomb" that is not so inimical? Or ever smelt the soles of a ballerina? We want you to have fun while you are dishing it out to your enemies and we are sure Stwack!! will keep you entertained for countless hours with its comical and inane moves.

So what are you waiting for? Play Stwack!! now!