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Big 2.5
Come experience the wackiness of Big2 with us!

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Big 2.5 is an original Viwawa variation of the popular card shedding game, Big Two (also known as "Choa Dai Di" in Cantonese, "Da Lao Er" in Mandarin Chinese).

For Big 2.5, the classic rules of Big Two have been preserved, you can play Big 2.5 like you would normally play Big Two. We've taken Big Two and gave it a whole new spin by introducing special moves into the game, a domain usually reserved for "Gambling Gods" (Chow Yun Fatt, Stephen Chow) popularly known in East Asian gambling flicks.

In Big 2.5, you will not only need to consider your usual card playing strategy, but also the strategy involved in dishing out those special moves at the right time. When played wisely, a special move can even reverse your fortunes despite you having been dealt a poor deck initially.

Big 2.5 - it's Big Two yet so much more. Grab a chair, join a table and play with other players now!