Food Classes and Affinity
There are 3 food classes in Buffet Wars.

  1. Snack
  2. Main
  3. Dessert

All players will have ratings for each affinity. The affinity is based on the total affinity of the dishes brought into the game.

Each food class will be strong against one, but weak against another. There is no single ultimate food class.

Character Attributes
Your character has 2 basic attributes which you may allocate points to as you progress in levels. Each level grants you 3 points for allocation.

  1. STR
    Strength, lets you last longer in battles
  2. INT
    Intelligence, lets you regain your turn at a faster rate

All allocated points will be shown in your chef's license and cannot be reverted once allocated (for now). Some items may contain bonus STR or INT attributes when equipped.

There is no obvious answer to "Is STR or INT better???". You may try to strike a balance as focusing on just one of them may give you different advantages or disadvantages at higher levels.

Equipment Items

You can bring ALOT of items into each match to customize your character's look and strategy.

  1. Eyes
  2. Mouth
  3. Head
  4. Body
  5. Head Gear
  6. Accessory
  7. Transport
  8. Cannon
  9. Engine

Dishes are your weapons. They will be projected from your cannon to attack your opponents. Each dish may have its own weight, damage, explosion radius, delay, etc to vary your attacks.

Skills are for single-time use in each match. They typically affect your attack for the turn or grants you special abilities for that turn.

  1. Teleport and shoot yourself to another location
  2. Shoot 2 dishes in 1 turn
Equipment Statistics
Bonus defence points when item is equipped

Bonus movement points when item is equipped

Added delay during your turn when using this item

Affected Rounds
Applies for skills that cause a certain effect on a player. (e.g. Sticky Jam, Shrinking Cherry) The effect will last for N x Number of Affected Rounds, where N is the number of players alive.

In-Game Controls

When its your turn, you can choose to any of 3 actions. Your turn will be over after the time is up, or after you shoot your selected dish.

  1. Move
    You can move your character left and right for a limited distance, either by clicking on the green movement circles or by using your LEFT and RIGHT keys on the keyboard.

  2. Use Skill
    Clicking on any skill uses it immediately. You can only use up to 1 skill per turn and each skill cannot be reused in the same match.

  3. Shoot
    Buffet Wars is all about aiming and shooting at your opponents. You control your shot by

    1. Choosing your dish
      Click on the desired dish. Each dish has its own damage, explosion radius, delay and weight.

    2. Adjusting your angle
      You can adjust your projection angle by dragging the arrow or by pressing the UP or DOWN keys. High angle shots and reverse direction shots give more points!

    3. Storing power for the shot
      Click and hold onto the hammer button at the bottom of the screen to accumulate power for your shot, and release at the desired power. Alternatively, you may do the same with the space bar.

  4. Map Navigation
    The map is always larger than the screen size, and it will automatically focus on the current player. You can click anywhere on the map and drag to view around the map. There is also the minimap at the top-right corner of the screen, which you can also click to bring the focus to that part of the map. On the minimap, RED dots would indicate your opponents, while BLUE dots would indicate you or your own team mates.

Delay Management
On the top left corner of the screen, you will find a list of all players in the match with numbers beside each of them that represents their "delay". This list is sorted according from the shortest delay to the highest delay, where the player with the shortest delay will be playing the current turn.

It is essential to control your delay and not let to jump too high or you may let your opponents play multiple turns before reaching yours. Delay is increased at the end of your turn and based on the following:

  1. Time taken to complete turn
  2. Delay of dish used
  3. Delay of skill used
  4. Distance moved

The lesser of each will lead to a smaller delay which will let you get to your turn faster.

Item Upgrading and Enhancement

Buffet Wars allows you to upgrade and enhance your equipment with the use of magical item drops, which typically come in the form of condiments.

You will notice that there are currently 3 grades of each enhancement/upgrade item (e.g. Chilli Powder I, II and III). Each grade allows enhancement on 10 levels of items.

I - level 1 to 9
II - level 10 to 19
III - level 20 to 29

Lucky Jam can be added to your enhancement attempt to increase chances of success by 10%.

  1. Upgrading
    All equipment can be upgraded, and the level of upgrade will be shown in each item's icon as +1, +2, +3, etc. Each upgrade will increase the item's base attributes. However, the success of each upgrade is not guaranteed. If successful, the upgrade level increases by 1. If it fails, any existing upgrade on that item will be reverted to 0. The success rate of each upgrade diminishes as the upgrade level gets higher.

    When dishes are upgraded, they will emit a glow in the game. The glows will differ with each level of upgrade.

  2. Enhancing
    Enhancing an item will magically grant bonus attributes to it. Each enhancement will always be successful, and a random degree of bonus is added to the item. However, any existing bonus of the same attribute will be reset prior to each enhance attempt.

    The maximum STR or INT bonus is dependent on the level of the item.

    Level 1-4 : +1 to +2
    Level 5-14: +1 to +3
    Level 15-29: +1 to +4
    Level 30-49: +1 to +5
    Level 50 and up: +1 to +6

    If you try to apply Wasabi on a level 50 item with +5 STR, the result can be anything from +1 STR to +6 STR.

    Enhancing cannot be done on dishes.

  3. Dish Creation
    Dishes are created with recipes and its respective ingredients. Recipes are awarded at random after winning matches. Ingredients cannot be purchased and must be collected by playing more matches. Some recipes may require other dishes to create the new dish.

Adding Custom Messages into Your Accessories
Some accessories allow you to add custom messages (up to 16 characters) that will appear on your accessory in the game. These accessories will have " Allows custom messages " when you move your mouse over the item.

After purchasing the accessory, you will need to go to the inventory screen and click on the accessory to set the custom message. This custom message can only be set ONCE , so think carefully before setting it!

After typing the custom message, click on the green button to show a confirmation popup.

The popup will show how your item will look like in the game with your custom message. If you are happy with it, click on the green tick to set the custom message permanently.

The possibilities are endless!

Mini Quests
Every player is entitled to play one quest at any one time. The quests can be accessed via the Quest button in the game lobby. Once in the quest window, click on "New Quest" to activate a new quest.

Each quest will typically require completion within 24 hours after activation. The list of requirements to quest completion and current progress will be shown on the right side, along with the bounty for quest completion. Team attacks are not counted towards your quests, but unlike awards, you will get your quest contributions even if you lose the match.

After completing a quest, you can activate another quest again immediately. The quests activated are based on your current level, and will typically award some Gold and Experience, together with a Chilli Powder, Wasabi or Sugar of the respective grade.