Viwawa Superfriends Main Logo (800x300) Slogan : Power up your gaming with Viwawa Superfriends!
What is Viwawa Superfriends?
Viwawa Superfriends is a premier membership program designed to benefit our loyal Viwawa supporters. For a low fee of $5 every 30 days, you can gain access to the following exclusive privileges that are available only to Viwawa Superfriends.
  1. Free Viwawa Cash
    Once you start your Viwawa Superfriends membership, and upon renewal every 30 days, you will receive up to 500 free Viwawa Cash!
  2. Mystic Palace Bonus Spins
    Get 1 additional chances daily! If that is not enough, get a free Daily Gold Spin too!
  3. Tired of advertising banners during gameplay?
    No advertising banner will appear while you play your favorite games!
  4. Early Access to New Items
    Be the first to get access to new cool items before they are generally available!
  5. Viwawa Superfriends Badge for your Wawa
    Wear your VSF Badge proudly on your Wawa
  6. Ever wondered who voted your Wawa 5 Stars?
    Now you can see the recent three 5 Stars voters for your wawa!
Viwawa Superfriends Game Benefits
  • Buffet Wars
    • More ingredient drops
    • Gain access to special skills like Wind Desolator
    • 2X chances to get +8 Preservatives in boss matches
    • 6 instead of 5 points for each INT/STR release
  • DEFCON 1
    • Higher quantity of random item drops in Invasion mode
  • Sushido
    • Chance of Tipping Customer for all players in the match
    • More Patience for your Customers
    • Chance of getting free refills
  • Wahlords
    • Longer lasting Boss items
  • Stwack
    • Getting more Free Potions from random drops
    • Gain access to Health X-Ray and Stamina Radar to see your own status in numbers
How to Join?
Viwawa Superfriends subscription is available through the following payment options. Once payment status is confirmed, your subscription will be activated and you will be able to see your subscription status in your Profile page.
  1. PayPal
    Viwawa Superfriends subscription is available through Paypal and Credit Cards for a fee of SGD$5.00 per 30 days. To subscribe, click on the following subscribe button which will lead you to the Paypal website for payment processing.
    PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online.
  2. Epin (MOL,
    Viwawa Superfriends subscription E-Pin is a 18-digit code available for purchase from using MOL or

    The E-Pin subscription activation form will be be shown below if you have logged in.

    To enter your subscription epin, please login first.

Terms and Conditions
By subscribing to Viwawa Superfriends either through PayPal or Cheque, you hereby agree to all the Terms and Conditions stipuated in our Purchase Agreement .
Free Viwawa Cash

Once you start your Viwawa Superfriends membership, and upon renewal every 30 days, you will receive free Viwawa Cash as follows!

Payment Mode Viwawa Cash
Paypal 500
Cheque 500
Epin (MOL) 300
Epin ( 300
How to Unsubscribe?
  1. PayPal
    You may either cancel the recurring payment in your Paypal control panel, or simply send an email from your account's registered email address to In the email, state in the subject Unsubscribe . We will cancel the subscription within 5 working days.
  2. Epin
    You do not need to do anything. Your subscription will auto-terminate when the expiry date is reached.