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  • Name: YumYum
  • Relationship: Single
  • Status: Offline
  • Member Since: May 2010
  • Overall Ranking: Unranked
  • Last Activity at: 206 weeks ago
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My Profile

Hometown:Kampong Singapura

Occupation:wearing Pocky mascot & giving out Pocky samples in the streets and mama shop


Hobbies and Interests:exercise, eat, chill~

Favorite Music:100.3

Favorite TV Shows:Nat Geo Channel

About Me:I like to when I'm with my freinds

When Pocky dip with YanYan cream=Yummy! drools*
I comes in multiple flavour- chocolate, strawberry, almond, banana & milk n__n

To any player who view my profile, kindly support 5 stars and leave a comment. I'll vote back asap.

My Club

Club Name: Clubicon mingwarrior club



Nickname:yum yum

Position:Superintendent of Police

Member Exp:4741560

Club Description:

Welcome to mingwarrior club

Club description
We Are a Club that Work As a Team together.We are a bunch of friendlly player who helps each others in different games.Team Spirit and fun is the key in the club.We play and work as a team and have fun in playing in the games.
Come and Join us Now(pm me or wall post me if u are interested to join us)

Club Motto
Have fun and Team work is the Key to Success Wohooo

Club Founder

Members In The Club


Club Achievements
Currently (7th)
12/6/11-Club Reach Top 5
10/4/11-Club Reach Top 6
14/03/11-Club Reach Top 7
05/03/11-Club Reach Top 8
14/01/11-Club Reach Top 9
15/11/10-Club Reach Top 10

Hall Of Fame

Buffet Wars Inter Club Competition 3rd(yann84,SpikeyShot,Kev1n77,akie0305)

Groword Summer 2010 Champion (pcklb)
WCG 2009 Groword 1st Runner Up (pcklb)
WCG 2011 SG Buffet Wars 2nd Runner Up(Kev1n77)
Groword Spring 2012 2nd Runner Up(pcklb)

Monthly Top

Buffet Wars Top Of The Month Nov2010
Wahjong Top Of The Month Dec2010
Harvest Time Top Of The Month Jan2011
Buffet Wars Top Of The Month May2011
Big2.5 Top of the Month Nov2010
Buffet Wars Top Of The Month April2011
Texas Hold'em Top Of The Month October2011
Numeroid Top Of The Month Dec2010
Numeroid Top Of The Month Jun2011

to be updated

Club Trophies & Badges
My wawas

Overall 4.8/5.0 stars
Votes: 3851

Game stats
Game Level Win Loss Draw Rank
Offline Dynasty Chess 2 8 17 0 -
Offline Match It 65 8418 2275 448 -
Offline Speedoku 26 55 118 0 -
Offline Big 2.5 17 466 2111 1 -
Offline Sushido 62 2258 1365 15 -
Offline Numeroid 40 1504 5 5 -
Offline Buffet Wars 31 1116 78 1 -
Offline Stwack 62 5186 5802 11 -
Offline DEFCON 1 174 4347 63 0 -
Offline Checkmate 1 4 5 0 -
Offline Wahlords 102 3040 813 6 -
Offline Groword 13 226 425 33 -
Offline Zany Bridge 3 10 13 1 -
Offline Wahjong 5 19 157 16 -
Offline Harvest Time 3 3 19 4 -
Offline Texas Hold'em 36 3646 1491 5636 -
Offline Blob Blob Battle 8 7 25 3 -

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decided to Hug 19th Sep 06:05:01
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at 14th Apr 23:47:50
Voted (Shocked).. U ate durian??
at 10th Oct 00:03:10
at 19th Sep 06:05:08
at 18th Apr 23:35:45
Chao ta pocky flavor available here?
at 8th Feb 14:34:35
voted :)
at 31st Jan 21:30:04
Happy New Year
Have a great galloping year ahead
jia you jia you
at 19th Jan 02:34:44
at 14th Jan 21:01:23
It's time to hav a bite of Pocky.
Crunch... yum yum..
at 8th Jan 04:25:24
Happy New Year to you too! How's your Match It? Your rank dropped o;
at 1st Jan 00:36:23
Little key open big lock,
Simple Words reflect great thoughts,
Your smile can cure heart blocks,
So Keep on smiling it rocks.

A day to drown & forget all your grudges, sorrows & regrets.
A day to remember & mark it with a good headstart.
Passing the old 2013 & receiving a brand new 2014!

May this new year bring you lots of opportunities to explore every joy of life, may your resolution for the day ahead stay firm, turning all your wishes into reality & all your efforts into great achievements.