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Hobbies and Interests:ShOpPiNg & WaTchINg MOviEs iN CiNeMas

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About Me:$$Money$$

Money-- Root of all evil.
What do you think of when you have money?
What do you think of when you don’t have money?

To me, money is just something that you use to get your basic needs for survival and luxuries for a
better living.
It’s a tool for your needs and your desires.
I’m not a money person so I never really care much for money.
Well... I don’t slave myself for money, that's what I'm trying to say.

Of course if you ask me…
I also wish to have more money so I can feed my family
and enjoy the luxuries of living money can offer.
I like the things I can do with the money but I don’t love money.

If you really think about it…
Money to an individual is just a need to satisfy your physical needs and pleasure,
other than that it gives you nothing but trouble.
You spend your whole life thinking of it,
can’t get enough of it and you get worried if you don’t have it.
If you think too much into it, you’ll be troubled by it all your life!

With money, comes power.
Money is a very powerful tool cos it can make ppl do many things for the sake of money.
And many ppl will be most willing to do anything for money.
With money, many things become easier to handle.
And soon you’ll think there’s nothing you can’t do, with the money you have.
Without money, everything becomes difficult.
And soon you’ll think there’s nothing you can’t do, to get money.
So is there anything you can’t do? With or without money?

I always ask ppl… What is money to you?
Why do you work so hard for all that money?
What do you want to achieve with that money?
Is money more important than other things in your life?

To have money is important,
but I believe that there are many things that are far more important than money.
Things that are worth more than any amount of money can buy.
One should never forget the important things and ppl in their lives and learn to cherish them.
In the pursuit of money, many have forgotten why or what they wanted the money for.
—the ppl we love and care about.

No matter how or what we think,
we can never stop ourselves from revolving in the circle of money.
You can call it a fact of life, way of life, realistic, practical, survival and etc…

The only thing I know is… When money is lost, you can always earn it back.
But when certain things like love, trust, respect, faith, esp. health & ppl are lost,
it’s not easy and sometimes you don't even get a chance to get it back…

But it all depends on what you want in your life, isn’t it?

Never Break 4 Things in Your Life
Because when they BREAK, they don't make noise but pains alot...

Recently I came across something that a friend wrote on FB...
And it's very similar to what I'm trying to say...

With money :

U can buy a house but not a home...
U can buy a clock but not time...
U can buy a bed but not sleep...
U can buy a book but not knowledge...
U can get a position but no respect...
U can buy blood but not life...

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at 6th Feb 19:36:03
hi , long time no meet .when u got free ,let me know .I want to treat u .
at 6th Jun 21:02:33
Long time no see. How have you been? What you wrote is very very true for me. Well written.
at 5th May 02:31:08
Hi, long time no see! how are you? I miss you too! Hope to play with you soon.
at 19th Jan 07:47:54
hi bb
at 3rd Oct 12:03:12
Thanks babe for the help! So sorry just saw your post on my profile. Cheers!
at 25th Aug 15:50:55
cant vote ur wawa
at 9th Jun 22:58:51
sorry... just got my broadband installed recently...
how are you? how's life?
it has been a long long time since we last spoke...
have things changed for the better for you?
hope you are feeling better now... :)
at 2nd Jun 07:41:27
Hi... I am back!
at 21st Oct 06:22:17
at 26th Apr 11:21:47
1000% agree with you.