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  • Name: huige
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Hometown:Viwawa town :D

Hobbies and Interests:Playing Free online games like Viwawa, Miniclip, Facebook and (last but not least) Pokemon!!..haha

Favorite Books:Books related to Biology and Chemistry

Favorite Movies:Damn Funny Movies!! e.g. Jack Neo Movies :DD

Favorite Music:JJ Lim [翅膀], S.H.E [你最近还好吗], 李圣杰 [你那么爱她] etc.

Favorite TV Shows:斗牛要不要(bull's fighting), 酒店风云(Royal Court), The amazing Race etc.

About Me:Some Quotes:

"True love doesn't come by finding the perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly" - Jason Jordan


"Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare."

Some moltivational pointers about failures (Extracted from The Straits Times "Recruits"Section @ 011108):

Failure is a judgement about events. Attribute your failure to a specific behaviour. Learn to say, "I did not fail, my behaviour failed".

Failure is not a condemnation of character. It is not a permanent condition.

All of us constantly reintepret our failures. We blame other people and external events for our failures. We do not look back to see what part we ourselves may have played.

By having an opportunity to survive defeat, we make ourselves tougher and more resilient to face the challenges of the future.

By trying to do everything, we fail to focus on any one thing. We fail to set priorties.

It is common to degrade failure as having no value. But failure at something means u have at least tried. Not trying is worse.

Look back at your failures and ask yourself what important lessons can be learnt from them. Many successful people have buit their success on their failures.

Get rid of your fear of failure. Failure is a function of growth and changing environment. It is true that we do not always know the best way, and sometimes even if you know it, you may not have the resources to follow it.

Take unjust criticism as a disguised compliment. Successful people take responsibility for themselves and their lives.

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smiley facai OlYmPiCWaWa F1WaWa
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halloooooooooo mickey oishiiiiiiiiii santa huigege
halloooooooooo mickey oishiiiiiiiiii santa huigege
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Long time no chat already.....
at 28th Jun 22:28:48
HUIGE sorry I didn't read all of your quotes...... maybe it's night right now... hehe xD
BUT ! i would like to tell you, I appreciate failure that hinders me from success, because it will always be my best teacher, I learn most from it :) I hope you feel the same way :D
at 28th Jun 22:26:06
huige , i like this sentence very much!
"True love doesn't come by finding the perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly" - Jason Jordan
CAN i use it for my boyfriend? heeheeheehee
at 28th Jun 22:25:35
huige SORRY that i came to view your profile! :O!! opps.
at 3rd Oct 23:41:20
voted back huige cheers
at 30th Jul 21:31:56
voted u back huigege :)
at 30th Jun 04:04:33
voted...plz vote back ty...^^
at 29th Jun 22:36:19