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  • Name: Qizhuang Fu
  • Gender: Male
  • Relationship: Single
  • Status: Offline
  • Member Since: May 2008
  • Overall Ranking: 6
  • Last Activity at: 2 hours ago
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My Profile

Hometown:Redhill - Singapore

Occupation:Full time Student

Schools:Keng Seng primary school (1995-2001), Jin Tai Secondary School (2002-2006), Bukit Batok ite(16 April 2007-6 March 2009) Chemical Process Technology, Nanyang Polytechnic Diploma in Chemical & Green technology, PSB Academy Bachelor in Accounting and Finance

Hobbies and Interests:playing sports such as basketball, swimming and badminton, computer games esp Facebook and viwawa, watch tv, relaxation, Chatting, BBQ picnic party, Go out with friends, making new friends

Favorite Books:Not interested to read much as will doze off any moment

Favorite Movies:Intial D, I Not Stupid, Spiderman, Man In Black, Space Jam, Private of carribean, Mr bean movie, Tarzan, The Hero, Deathnote 1 n 2, Forbidden kingdom, The Hunger Games, Ah Boys To Men, Big Hero 6, Despicable Me, Ant Man, Maze Runner, The Lion Men, Ted

Favorite TV Shows:doreamon, heartlanders, yu-gi-oh, tennis masters, mall more, The Best Bet, Mvp valentine, The prince who turns into a frog, The beginning, Jacky Go! Go! Go!, Kinship, Mr Fighting, The prince of tennis, 天天樂財神, 綜藝玩很大, 國光幫幫忙, 飢餓遊戲 and formula one

About Me:My objective and goals for returning back viwawa are learning new games which i had missing in action for past 7 years such as zany bridge, buffet wars, blob blob battle and numeroid.

During these 1+ year returned back from May 2017, my past gaming experience on encounters situations such as some players care about their playing styles otherwise scold rudely. I will appreciate that those players came here for chilling, relaxing and having more laughter not taking seriously by trying all evil deeds to warn players prevent from playing long time.

Generally, I disliked attitude from some top players gave insult and flame on me even though i am proudly thanks for helping me in some games. You know who you are if you skimmed through my profile. Don't always act innocent, gives immature and selfish reaction at all times and keep accusing me.

Nevertheless, since you remove me away as friend for good. I imagined that you don't change your stinky attitude. Your Life does not only care about these viwawa games, you are not creating games as developer too. Time to leave club as I felt unsatisfactory about unhappy stay. YES THE MAJOR REASON IS ABOUT YOUR PERSONALITY CHARACTER.
In additional, that club was relatively in mess which never took any serious action to inappropriate members who makes chaotic moments. Generally, there is no one cares and ignores such acts reduce mitigate critical problems deter for better friendly community anymore.

Just BEAR IN YOUR MIND what comes to your thoughts. Playing with you as among the top 10 player in this game marked 18th september 2017 seemed to be totally shameful and spoiling atmosphere every times because you ONLY CARE WINS AS WELL AS CANNOT AFFORD TO LOSE for all games. Never attempted to learn those objective and purpose for games emphasis to improve better aspects how to overcome it to become unstoppable player.

In such circumstances, Unable to play long hours so command harsh language against me to come for stop so that you managed to take opportunity chance for gaining top monthly player on particular game by spying and investigating me for past recent weeks. I URGE YOU CHANGE YOUR WAY WHAT ARE YOU CURRENTLY IN WORSE STATE. NO WONDER NO ONE WANTS TO FRIEND WITH YOU FOR LONG PERIOD. Honestly speaking, your investigation skills are atrocious from my point of view. Brush up if you want to become detective in future cause provided misleading information won't lead to anywhere.

Recently, I heard that you had been talking behind my back that I am snatching player top monthly player for specific game. Come On seriously, Watch yourself in your mirror. There are some players also compete other games notched on top spot yet come to interrupt by insulting and accusing. Just continue to unfriend, block or whatever actions you can make yourself proud that you are much educated by provoking and offending players. Amazing and gave your 11 claps!

Indeed, she was born to be well-known potential pro fixer in Match It since crown her first top monthly match it. Hence, her corrupted mind was out of control spout nonsense to insult me on starting conflict war for debating. I also heard that she was flirting with other partner in third party. Beware with such insane player and you don't act guility/innocent seriously.

Despite mentioning never judge book by its cover, she simply does not understand this meaning about this phase. Behind her scene, you can see how she operated various games too. It implies similar case whatever she did.

Full of dramatic scenes series contained critizing players onto karma and curses everywhere. From the beginning, does not even feeling ashamed on her acts. Furthermore, her relevant professional certificate obtained cyber bullying towards pitiful players whoever any playersable to notch top position. She don't accept defeat as a full timer viwawa player was totally outrageous cause someone cannot live without viwawa, how pathetic it can be. Her stories will be repeated over and over once again mumbling herself.

If you still want me to give you respect, stfu!! It's all right, parents does not discipline her completely and high praised that she is gorgeous with appearance as well as horrendous attitude. *feeling nausea and puke*



Got the cheek to mention people KS PEOPLE TOP MONTHLY Trophy and she planned to try sneaky behind to edge for notching top spot. As usual, Her big mouth with disgrace behaviour don't give respect what she takes. No wonder always truly loner and loved to stab players back. It describes informal phase 'Monkey See Monkey Do'.

Accept reality on your weakness for most games improved on playing style. I had focus on emphazing about you dare to outrage me, you have bitter life in here undefinable umpteen times. Keep pushing blame away from yourself behaved small little abandon kid reacts miserable on streets helplessly.

Whatever encountered in any cases, this kind of character simply don't understood single concept based on personality towards respect, responsible or courtesy manner. Her top priority life is always concerned about getting top monthly golden trophy in viwawa.

If you still created troubles and harm to other players included myself (unconsciousness and inconvenience), advised you time to quit these useless games for yourself and carried on in your pathetic life. Hence, you are not fit on playing any games especially never learnt how to fight simple bosses like rag and momo. Numeroid always score terrible points unable to hit 4k target points.

This summarized former weakling no 1 player reacts and overcome scenarios simply disappointment till the max. Generally, what can she do besides create endless troubles by updating her profile and using sub accounts agitated players become enemies?

Dear all players, you wonder why my profile construct long essay based in this game. Whoever wants to befriend with her to your own risk, you will suffer with mentally sick condition pathetic lady investing life throughout 24 hours without obtaining 7 months retained top month trophies in this game. I can't believe that what she is insisting on past few months seriously. This kind of full time job does not reward you any salary regardless how long you commit here.

Leave feedback to my mailbox for any opinion: Some useless fellow keep pestering and loved to fireback nonstop without self reflection. Why this kind act 'professional' auntie dont even know how to learn keep silence while she is doing same case about herself? Singapore singlish trend: ownself check ownself.

Please don't test my patience to limit or else I can be crazy guy vents out frustration. However, I am not an easy hot temper person with kind-soul.

Here are my personal background and achieved in this game status

An introvert person wants to strive hard and attempt to get along with friends.
I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but the most important thing is people will never forget how you made them feel.

Tall about 173 cm, honest tends to approach wonderful people if i am able to help them with good guidance. Loves to explore computer stuffs which can fix or repair the problems occur.
In fact, i am not a fast learner, not smart but capable to learn anything as i can as well as building up my character and personality for every stages.

I treasure few of my current best/close friends every single moments before getting separate our ways for different routes.

Moreover, I respect those people who does not give me improper and arrogant behavior. Chasing over my rights when suitable time arrives.

Mathematics and Science
Mile, loyal, smart, intellgient, hardworking, cute, good-temper and courage people
Blue which is my favourite colour
All kinds of musics which entertains me
Clouds, Drizzling Stars, Rainbow, fishes, plants, fountains and oceans

Disobey people's advice in a unrespectful way
Betrayers, Liers, smokers
Teasing people who hurts someone's feelings and emotions
Irresponsible to admit the consequences which causes troubling in a inappropriate time.

What does my name stands?

History for my viwawaing
2nd july 2008 - 10 consecutive win of stwack n wahjongs, 10th wahjong wins, 150th stwack wins n 1st win in checkmate
3rd july 2008 - Best overrall ranking 1515
11th july 2008 - Best overrall ranking 999, 50th wahjong wins, 50th sushido wins, 10 consecutive loses of wahjong
18th july 2008 - Best overrall ranking 864, 500th big 2.5 wins
20th july 2008 - Best overrall ranking 816, 1st win Numeroid
21st july 2008 - Best overrall ranking 584, 10th win on Numeroid
3rd august 2008 - Best overall ranking 325, 50th wins wahjong
6th august 2008 - Best overall ranking 296, 150th wins Sushido
8th august 2008 - Best overall ranking 285, 150th wins Wahlord and 500th wins Stwack
21st august 2008 - 1 win dynasty chess
22th august 2008 - 10 wins dynasty chess
10th september 2008 - 10 consecutive wins on dynasty chess
30th september 2008 - 10 consecutive wins on checkmate, 1st and 10th wins Groword
2nd October 2008 - 10 consecutive wins on groword
3rd October 2008 - 50th wins Groword
11th December 2008 - 1000th Wins Big 2.5
17th June 2009 - 10th consecutive wins on Match It, Best Overall ranking 242
19th June 2009 - 500th win on Sushido, Best overall Ranking 230
30th April 2017 - Single Knockout, 1st win Buffet Wars
1st may 2017 - 50th win on Match it, 1st win for Speedoku
6th may 2017 - 10th consecutive win on Speedoku
15th may 2017 - Best overall ranking 148
17th May 2017 - 1st win on Blob Blob Battle
27th May 2017 - 10th win and 10th consecutive wins on Blob Blob Battle
23th June 2017 - 50th win on Numeroid, 1000th win on Sushido and 500th win on Wahlord
30th June 2017 - 10th consecutive win on Numeroid
2nd July 2017 - 50th win on Buffet Wars, Best overall ranking 103
6th July 2017 - 10th Consecutive win and win for Defcon 1
8th July 2017 - 50th win on Blob Blob Battle and 150th win on Buffet wins
22th July 2017 - 1st win on Zany Bridge and 1st win on Harvest Time
23th July 2017 - 50th win on Defcon 1
26th July 2017 - 500th win on Buffet Wars, Best Overall Ranking 63
5th July 2017 - 1000th win on Wahlord, Best Overall ranking 53
20th August 2017 - 1000th win on Buffet Wars
6th September 2017 - 150th win on Numeroid, Best Overall Ranking 40
9th September 2017 - 1000th win on Stwack
16th September 2017 - 150th win on Defcon 1, Best Overall Ranking 39
21th September 2017 - 500th win on Match it
26th September 2017 - 10th win on Harvest Time
30th September 2017 - 50th win on Checkmate, Best Overall Ranking 30
21st October 2017 - 150th win on Checkmate, Best Overall Ranking 25
12th November 2017 - 1st win and 10th win, 10th consecutive win on Texas Hold'em
16th November 2017 - 500th win on Numeroid, 10th consecutive win on Harvest Time
10th December 2017 - 50th win on Harvest time, Best Overall Ranking 19
3rd January 2018 - 100th win on Harvest time, Best Overall Ranking 15
5rd January 2018 - 50th win on Speedoku
10th January 2018 - 50th win and 10th consecutive win on Zany Bridge
14th January 2018 - 1000th win on Numeroid, Best Overall Ranking 13
24th January 2018 - 500th win on Checkmate, Best Overall Ranking 12
27th January 2018 - Best Overall Ranking 9
11th March 2018 - 500th win on Defcon 1
24th April 2018 - 500th win on Zany Bridge
25th April 2018 - 500th win on Blob Blob Battle
1st May 2018 - 150th win on Groword
10th June 2018 - 50th win on Texas Hold'em
10th july 2018 - 1000th win on Zany Bridge
2nd August 2018 - Best Overall Ranking 4
19th December 2018 - 5000th win on Numeroid
7th January 2019 - 500th Win on Groword
15th January 2019 - 150th win on Speedoku
17th January 2019 - 500th Win on Harvest Time

Viwawa Games Competition
17th July - Achieved Stwack Top 30 and Open Participant Badge

Obtaining Top Monthly Champions
Blob Blob Battle - July 2017, April 2018
Match It - September 2017
Checkmate - October 2017, January 2018
Numeroid - November 2017, April 2018, May 2018, June 2018, November 2018
Harvest Time - December 2017, May 2018
Zany Bridge - March 2017

Top 10 Games Monthly Achievements

2nd Position - September 2018
4th Position - March 2018, May 2018
6th Position - January 2018, April 2018
9th Position - February 2018, June 2018

B) Match it
1st Position - September 2017
2nd Position - January 2018
3rd Position - February 2018, March 2018, April 2018
4th Position - May 2018
5th Position - August 2017

C) Checkmate
1st Position -October 2017, January 2018
3rd Position - September 2017, July 2018

D) Zany Bridge
1st Position - March 2018
2nd Position - January 2018, April 2018, September 2018
3rd Position - February 2018
5th Position - October 2018
6th Position - May 2018, June 2018
9th Position - August 2018

E) Sushido
4th Position - April 2018

F) Wahlords
2nd Position - April 2018
4th Position - September 2017, November 2017, December 2017, February 2018
5th Position - May 2018
6th Position - March 2018, June 2018
7th Position - May 2017, August 2017
8th Position - July 2018
9th Position - January 2018

G) Numeroid
1st Position - November 2017, April 2018, May 2018, June 2018, November 2018
2nd Position - September 2017, December 2017, January 2018, October 2018
3rd Position - July 2017, October 2017. February 2018
4th Position - July 2018
5th Position - August 2017, September 2018
6th Position - August 2018
8th Position - June 2017

H) Harvest Time
1st Position - December 2017, May 2018
3rd Position - November 2017, February 2018, April 2018
4th Position - September 2017, March 2018, June 2018
6th Position - July 2018, October 2018
7th Position - January 2018, September 2018, November 2018

I) Defcon 1
3rd Position - April 2018, May 2018
4th Position - January 2018
5th Position - March 2018
7th Position - February 2018
9th Position - July 2018

J) Buffet Wars
8th Position - August 2017

K) Blob Blob Battle
1st Position - July 2017, April 2018
2nd Position - January 2018

In my recent gaming experience, I am sincerely thanks to those players who had either provided great assistance and having much laughter in various games :
1) Esterlyn (Buffet Wars)
2) jingfeng10 (Buffet Wars)
3) VeseLa (Numeroid, Zany Bridge)
4) GinDuchti (Numeroid)
5) blade_tan (Buffet Wars)
6) Vdrr (Wahlord)
7) edwinz38 (Wahlord)
8) Grace320 (Buffet Wars, Wahlord)
9) Shadow_IVY888 (Buffet Wars, Wahlord)
10) stupidlazypanda (Buffet Wars, Numeroid)
11) Romleth (Numeroid)
12) turbo_magma (Defcon, Wahlord)
13) Lawlipren (Numeroid)
14) cruesss (Numeroid, buffet wars, Wahlord)
15) cwl728 (Numeroid, buffet wars)
16) tasylen (Numeroid great player for helping me to achieve best top monthly june by defeating nancycpn)

From my point of view, the top few hatred players gives negative impression and provoked me much classified below:

1) meiji888 (Looking description indicated at the top, whoever wants to friend with her good luck for her nonsense)

2) fkw123 (Only know hows to call players noobie, Try to attempt for playing 4k target points in numeroid don't be scary cat post image in numeroid match fixer by using another sub account. Sorry to say only the outcome with 2 pathetic wins cause nuzz cannot play)

3) Sarukakagetsuki (Another player simply loves to spam player's profile and actions to irritate almost everyone. Such a busybody low player existed here to make outrage and chaotic conflicts. )

If you like to communicate with me, Do kindly drop mail box or directly ask me telegram so that i will take spare time to read through.
Last of all, I dont entertain any pessimistic and bad temper players with mentally harsh remarks. Thanks!

My Club

Club Name: Clubicon club 666





Member Exp:110079

Club Description:

Welcome to club_666

club_666 was founded on 12th December 2012

Feel free to join our club, lets share and improve your best skill at our club
Enjoy viwawa gaming!

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Last edited 11/4/15 © 2014 club_666.

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CoolFu SantaClaus Fu zxesterfudayxz DangerSkull Fu
CoolFu SantaClaus Fu zxesterfudayxz DangerSkull Fu

Weakling M Spy FuSpeedyRacer FuBluOpaAttire
Weakling M Spy FuSpeedyRacer FuBluOpaAttire

Game stats
Game Level Win Loss Draw Rank
Offline Big 2.5 45 2190 4889 2 282
Offline Zany Bridge 29 1605 35 0 5
Offline Checkmate 24 927 71 50 12
Offline Wahlords 92 3687 928 24 37
Offline Match It 17 758 117 26 32
Offline Sushido 71 2849 991 21 693
Offline Stwack 45 2454 1042 4 67
Offline Numeroid 75 5575 13 23 5
Offline Wahjong 11 193 597 7 2117
Offline Dynasty Chess 6 76 74 2 219
Offline Groword 21 596 112 21 102
Offline Speedoku 19 154 3 0 83
Offline Harvest Time 33 512 12 3 6
Offline Texas Hold'em 5 78 24 0 229
Offline Buffet Wars 63 2320 42 0 360
Offline DEFCON 1 48 642 41 0 150
Offline Blob Blob Battle 50 709 16 69 28

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Wlc to my Club .Thanks Fu have a nice day..^_^
at 18th Jul 16:35:20
Generally, most players supported with another account to play for all games. As a result, forum does not even have authority to manage messy threads which unknown players posted about wrong contents. What do you even care and flaming everyone nonstop?

If you still got cheek to malign with disrespect behaviour treated badly, i suggested that you do soul-searching about yourself. Want to achieve top game with own effort, practice more by your own turned into better player for goodness sake.
at 18th Jul 16:28:57
Regardless what kind of rude manners tried to interfere me, you will get back double or more than the number which you had fired me back in return.

Shameless that unable to get top monthly player in specific game and took unnecessary to threaten players nonstop in private chats. Take a good look for yourself behind the scene refers to similar actions. What urge on you represents that you are clean player with evidences as backup reference to cover up bad deeds? Don't ever try anything funny.
at 18th Jul 16:22:57
Due to some strangers disturbance for spamming on wallpost in such cases, I had adjusted setting for allowing friends able to drop this section.

Nevertheless if anyone wants to contact with me, do kindly drop me through mailbox. Appreciation for those real players who are keen to chat with me. Strictly forbidden to those players tried to mess around people wallpost.

Happy viwawa! Once again, warning to the 'thick skinned player' especially had been abused and talked behind my back. Watch out