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  • Name: Alice
  • Gender: Female
  • Status: Offline
  • Member Since: Mar 2008
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About Me:
It takes a minute to have a crush on someone, an hour to like someone
and a day to love someone-but it takes a lifetime to forget someone like U...


Baby U r my one n only yeah...

I miss u. I miss u so much.
Nobody even knows how much i miss u,
because i juz miss u that much.
I wish you were here .
Next to me.

I love you not because of who you are but because of who i am when i am with you...

You never know what u have until you lose it,
and once you lost it, you can never get it back...

To the world I am fine. When I alone I am the REAL me.
I MISS YOU & I have that RIGHT!
You were a part of my life my very being &
you will ALWAYS be in my heart...

Don't wait until it's too late to tell someone how much you love &
how much you care about them,
because when they're gone,
no matter how loud you shout &
cry, they wont hear you anymore...

I miss you when something good happens,
because you're the one I want to share it with.
I miss you when something is troubling me,
because you're the one that understands me so well.
I miss you when I laugh & cry,
because I know that you are the one that makes my laughter grow &
my tears disappear.
but I miss you the most when I lay awake at night, &
tink of all the wonderful times that we spent with each other for those were some of the best &
most memorable times of my life...

The most painful thing is losing yourself in the process of loving someone too much,
and forgetting that YOU ARE SPECIAL too.....

Good things come to those who BELIEVE
Better things come to those who are PATIENT
and the BEST things come to those who DON'T GIVE UP!!!

If I could make ONE wish, I know wat it would be.
For I only have ONE wish, that's to have you here wif me...
I really miss u lotsss...

If i could give you ONE thing in life,
I would give u the ability to see yourself through my eyes,
only then would you realise how special u are to me.....

Those special memories of you will always bring a smile.
If only I could have u back for just a little while,
then we could sit & talk again just like we used to do.
You always meant so very much & always wll do too.
The fact that you're no longer here will always cause me pain but
you're forever in my heart until we meet again.....

Have you ever felt so alone & nothing seem to make sense?
Well that's how I feel right now.
I feel like I'm facing everything by myself with nothing but TEARS &
a fake smile...

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Gal Gal Baby Babydear Mei Mei
Gal Gal Baby Babydear Mei Mei

Darling Bao Bei Sweetie Cutiepie
Darling Bao Bei Sweetie Cutiepie


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Offline Stwack 6 129 53 1 -
Offline Checkmate 1 1 0 1 -
Offline Sushido 185 17530 4418 87 86
Offline Wahlords 50 1762 196 0 -
Offline Numeroid 8 116 32 12 -
Offline Dynasty Chess 2 5 7 1 -
Offline Groword 17 600 137 47 50
Offline Harvest Time 5 10 24 16 -
Offline Speedoku 5 19 12 0 -
Offline Buffet Wars 635 110100 2165 47 1
Offline Texas Hold'em 21 662 563 299 -
Offline DEFCON 1 62 1120 23 0 125
Offline Blob Blob Battle 6 32 4 1 -

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at 8th Aug 21:57:58
宝贝,七夕情人节 :)
at 7th Jun 21:50:50
Happy Birthday Jie!! Thanks for everything, hope you will always happy and always take care ok :)
at 7th Jun 16:59:05
Thank you Alice for always being here to help me in our time of need. Your thoughtfulness is appreciated and I truly hope you have an awesome birthday!
at 7th Jun 11:45:27
Happy birthday my dear jie jie Alice. Mei mei always sayang you ok. Be happy and healthy no matter what situation you are. Take care and always be with you. ^.^ *love*
at 6th Jun 19:37:51
happy advance bd my dear :3
at 5th May 20:32:23
BUFFET WARS... (3000) 3K CP BOSS KILLS TODAY... 05/05/2019 (SUNDAY)...
at 29th Mar 17:22:29
BUFFET WARS... LEVEL 600 TODAY... 29/03/2019 (FRIDAY)...
at 7th Jun 23:51:31

THANKS U to THOSE who wish me here in viwawa on this special day (7.6.18)... I really APPRECIATE it very much... Many thanks ya... take care all...
at 7th Jun 23:37:27
Alice, after knowing u in bw, I realize that u are actually a nice person. There's many things that u shared with me and sometimes makes me smile haha XD . Since today is your birthday, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for being my friend and invite me to play boss with u in bw (although I'm not pro..) I'm really happy that you care for me :) Happy Birthday Alice! Wish u Happy Birthday Alice! Wish u Happy Always and be healthy and beautiful as Always♥ from berrywhite - 6/7/18
at 7th Jun 17:19:14
Happy birthday kawaii senpai, wish you all the best ! ^_^