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About Me:BABY STORY ('',) Hahahahaha

Photo 1

Daddy loves football and is an ardent Manchester United fan ..... He was in London supporting Euro 2012 by having his face painted

Photo 2

While Daddy was holidaying in Epcot Centre he met Mummy.....That day happened to be a "Go Green" Day and on impulse they dyed their hair GREEN to show support ............And so a great romance of the century started from there .......It was a long distance affair at first and they spend a lot of time on the phone to each other

Photo 3

Daddy loves the sea very much so he brought Baby and Mummy to the beach together with Copper...... Baby and Mummy had a great time building sand castles while Daddy play with Copper...Daddy's hair has also gradually turn lighter due to too much exposure to the sun: and sea water..............So too is Mummy's

Photo 4

One winter day there was heavy snowing...Daddy heard a BIG bang in the garden. Fearing something bad had happened he rushed out without stopping to put some thick clothings on. He also forgot to grab the door keys on the way out...A gusty wind slammed the door shut behind him and thus he ended up STUCK in the freezing COLD ..

Photo 5

Daddy shower Mummy with his LOVE and made her blush with his "naughty" sweet nothings .....................
Mummy was so full of love for Daddy when Daddy proposed to her...................And Mummy's dyed her hair to a more suitable colour for the wedding

Photo 6

Daddy gave Mummy a BIG kiss at their wedding party..................... The party was a great success and everyone had a great time They thanked all guests for their attendance and for witnessing their LOVE for each other

Photo 7

Daddy and Mummy left for Japan for their honeymoon.......The lovely weather together with the gorgeous food restored Mummy's natural hair colour Mummy's favourite is sushi and sake and the cultural dances. The pretty geishas gave Mummy their national costume as a wedding present and teach Mummy how to dress up. What a lovely picture Mummy makes. Arigato gozaimasu geishas !!!

Photo 8

Daddy and Mummy love for each other never diminished....They are very much in LOVE with each other and Baby is their LOVE product

Baby got her eyes from Mummy ... Daddy got blonde hair while Mummy's black, Daddy's has curls and Mummy's straight. Result ~~ Baby's lovely brunette semicurls!!!

Mummy saved her wedding bouquet for Baby Baby love it so "berry berry" much

Happy times passed by very fast.....On Baby's 10X10X10 days (i.e. 10 candles = 3rd ) birthday which falls on Halloween Day Daddy bought Baby some lovely toys and gorgeous helium balloons. Halloween costumes are too scary and so uncute for small Baby so Mummy bought Baby some pretty Xmas frocks instead ....................Baby is SO SO SO SO VERY HAPPY!!!! THANKS Daddy and Mummy for ALL YOUR LOVE for Baby



Today (2/10/12) I got a pet RABBIT thx to admin jie jie. Her name is SnowFlakes and she lives in a LANTERN. She loves to tag along when I play BW games. I love her very much cos she is SOOOOOO cute...just like MEEEEEEEE!!! :

I also have a Texan pet GOLDFISH named RedFalu...He loves to nibble all the time and his favourite tidbits is chips RedFalu is very active for a fish ..just like Snowflakes

Halloween is round the corner!! Yay!!! Got my first hallo gift on 19/10/12~~ a Z0mz0m toy Eeek!! Kinda "dirty" and scary tho .... Mummy says it comes in a set ...kinda like a family ... and if I'm gd she'll get me the rest ....Looking forward to getting them all!!! and hopefully SOOOOON!!

21/10/12 Today I got my 2nd Z0mz0m toy..this 1 even scarier....perfectly suitable for Halloween I think he's hurt cos he got this axe on his forehead but I love IT!!! TQ Mummy

23/10/12 Daddy brought home another Z0mz0m toy today. Its bluish and looks kinda "frozen" Daddy says he found it in the frozen lake behind the house when he was fishing for tuna (for our dinner ) Mummy was very thankful to Daddy. Says it saves her time going shopping for toy and food Now she can relax and have time for more important things to do with Daddy I beg them to take me to McDonalds cos there I can exchange the 3 Z0mz0ms for an even BIGGER and AWESOME ONE!!! Pllleeeeaaaassseeeee!!!!

26/10/12 Yay!!! Daddy & Mummy took me to McDonalds today. Soooo happy I got to exchange for a Super Duper Z0mz0m I named him CactusHead cos he has all those sharp thingy on his head

30/10/12 (Halloween eve) While getting ready for the BIG celebration tomorrow (aka MY BIG DAY I found another Z0mz0m toy hidden in the closet...This must be my SURPRISED bday gift that Mummy got me as she knows I love it so much and was reluctant to swap it for the SUPER DUPER one earlier. I name this one HulkThrob cos he is green and his head must be throbbing with the axe sticking out

3/11/12 (Momo Champ Day) Admin jie jie soooo gd!!! Give me a different item every time!! CHAMP in 7 games!! Yahooooo!!! Total momo killed 11 Special thanks to Olady, David21, Spikey, Iko, Kingswood, Ash, GT and others for their precious help.

Day 1
Iko (2 item)
Me (1 item - Hat)
Golden Eagles (Scammer)(First time RTT and got scammed)

Day 3
David (host)
Me (1 item - Cruiser)

Day 5
Me (1 item - Engine)
1 other

Day 7
Me (1 item - Costume)

Day 9
Me (1 item - Shooter)

Day 10
Kingswood (host item)
2 others

Day 12
Me (1 item - Shooter No 2)
Sage Sky

Day 14
Ashkan (1 item)
Me (1 item - Peach Recipe) CHAMP!!

Total kills (11)
Total games played (13)

3/11/12 (same day) Since getting all those lovely Z0mz0m toys from Mummy and Daddy I had developed a keen interest in zombies toymaking as a hobby.... to add to my collection. I have just finished crafting FrostFace the frozen Z0mz0m

5/11/12 MISSION ACCOMPLISH!! I finally complete my Z0mz0m 'family' collection with the addition of Duh??? a somewhat confused looking zom


I have been very good for the whole year and so Santy make me his helper and gave me 2 lovely elf outfit ... After working hard to make all the lovely toys for the children we were treated to a sumptuous spread of ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS food and had a BIG helpful of TRIFLE as desserts ..What a joyful Xmas !!! ! MERRY XMAS EVERYONE AND HAVE A GREAT NEW YEAR

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