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  • Name: Leong Cheong Yu
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 24
  • Status: Offline
  • Member Since: Mar 2009
  • Overall Ranking: Unranked
  • Last Activity at: 12 weeks ago
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About Me:.

(-312) ----- 8/2
(-305) ----- 9/2
(-290) ----- 10/2
(-288) ----- 12/2
(-282) ----- 13/2
(-265) ----- 15/2
(-279) ----- 16/2
(-263) ----- 17/2
(-279) ----- 18/2
(-266) ----- 19/2
(-274) ----- 22/2
(-297) ----- 23/2
(-280) ----- 24/2
(-265) ----- 26/2
(-255) ----- 27/2
(-217) ----- 28/2
(-212) ----- 1/3
(-158) ----- 3/4
(-157) ----- 2/5
(-152) ----- 14/5
(-151) ----- 21/5
(-136) ----- 4/6
(-79) ----- 13/6
(-63) ----- 26/6
(-51) ----- 1/7

I have come really close to a break through. Break through what? Wins more than losses!

But I doubt I would be playing until my break through. Not that I think I'm not playing, but the others who had been there...


DISCLAIMER: My father uses this account only to play dynasty chess, too. Any feuds or miscommunications happened in there will not be my responsibilities at all means.


Ways to curse people to die (projected to be 100, lol)
PS: This was supposed to be an entertainment only. If you felt insulted or uncomfortable, leave.

1) Go to die. (the most common way...)
2) Can you die?
3) Die, please!
4) Die now.
5) Die instantaneously.
6) Face your death.
7) Your death is coming soon.
8) Kill yourself.
9) Go involve yourself in an accident and die.
10) I hope you got crashed by a train.
11) The hell needs you! *
12) Go to hell. *
13) Your death deserved a celebration not ceremony!
14) Should you die, the world will be peaceful.
15) Please, die now.
16) Wish you all the best in dying.
17) Come on, you die, we won't cry! We promise!
18) We look forward to celebrate your death soon.
19) Wish you a successful death as soon as possible.
20) Go to sleep, but don't wake up forever!
21) You need a bed? Must be kidding me. There's your coffin!
22) Here's your coffin. Have your wonderful time in it from now on.
23) New car? Great, I can't wait to see it crashes with you inside it.
24) God is calling you! Go! *
25) Your miserable life should come to an end.
26) End your life now.
27) I would be happier when told you're dead.
28) Your death does restores faith in humanity. Trust me.
29) People die! But you must do it now!
30) Heavens and hell, you deserved them. *
31) Wish you a happy afterlife. *
32) You deserved a rest after your busy work. The period of your rest should be infinite.
33) I wouldn't hate you anymore if you end your life.
34) I promise! Greeting cards for you when you die!
35) Slitting your throat would be the most paid job ever.
36) Killing you? Anyone including yourself should do it!
37) Your names are so cheering. So does your death.
38) Two choices for you now. Die, or die!
39) Natural disasters ain't catastrophic when your lifeless body is found!
40) Get yourself a guinness world record by dying dramatically!
41) To die is to contribute to the society for you.
42) One does not simply live retardedly.
43) Don't cut your finger! Cut your head off!
44) All the best in involving yourself into an aviation accident!
45) Can't learn this? You won't need to learn to die!
46) I'm still waiting the day to get informed that you died.
47) Heaven is your destination? Cool, go now. *
48) Dying without people around crying is hard to achieve, but I believe you can do it.
49) Shut up and die now!
50) Actions speak louder than words. Your death would make us silent though.

* Involves religious content and will not be used by me in reality.


Mystic Palace prizes payout rate
Big 2 skills------------------------16.511%
Match It skills--------------------13.356%
Defcon1 skills(I)-----------------19.911%
Defcon1 Ace(I)--------------------0.986%*
Defcon1 Ace(II)-------------------0.394%*
Defcon1 Ace(III)------------------0.197%*
Numeroid color ball--------------3.746%
Sushido refills--------------------11.237%*
Sushido hint glasses------------3.401%
Stwack potions-------------------9.118%*
Zany Bridge skills----------------9.266%
Buffet Wars ingre(NOT W/S)---9.069%
Buffet Wars ingre(W/S)---------2.415%*
Buffet Wars Chilli-----------------0.394%*
Speedoku ticket------------------0.000%**

Total chance to get useful items: 24.741%

*Useful or rare items, highlighted
**Being the only item I've never obtained even one

Q: What is these numbers for?
A: The numbers represent the (nearest to the exact) probability of getting a particular item when spinning in Viwawa Mystic Palace.

Q: Why do I need them?
A: As a referrence when you are planning to obtain something (probably in large quantity or which is rare) from the Mystic Palace spin.

Q: Is your numbers reliable?
A: It is up to you to decide whether it is or not. As they are only prediction/suggestion value obtained from as many attempts as possible, don't expect the numbers to be exactly the same as the actual situation.

Q: How are they obtained?
A: By mass spinning and some calculations. Don't ask the exact amount of tickets I used.

Q: Will you update them?
A: Depends, if I have more data coming.

Q: Will you fake the numbers?
A: No.

Q: I just got 10 this, 10 that and 5 this and that. Can you update them with my data merged with yours?
A: No.

Q: I have got a lot of tickets! Would you like to receive my help?
A: I appreciate first, you will have to either meet me in game or send me a message for detailed way to contribute.

Q: Hey! You said that I have 10% of chance to get XXX, but I got 4 of them out of 10 tries!
A: If you know about probability but nothing about probability distribution, please take your time in this page (leads to Wikipedia):

Q: Can you please provide a full list instead of categorizing them?
A: No. You can try to divide the number by amount of items categorized to get the average probability.

Q: Why do you not provide a full list?!
A: So I won't get myself into trouble like Snoop and Fog (both Zany Bridge skills) have different probability despite are the same category. Also, I don't have to type all the names of skills like you can have in Defcon1.

Q: You just highlighted something which is not important at all but not those really important!
A: So what. Entertain yourself by making the numbers yourself.

Q: Do you have cheats that will give me this and that?
A: Go to hell.

Q: Your numbers are inaccurate! Get rid of the nonsensical rubbish!
A: Go to hell.

Q: You are making the Mystic Palace a boring place by putting this out!
A: Go to hell.

Q: Administrator: We have to ban you for disclosing the company's secret and putting disadvantage over other players bla bla bla...
A: Didn't I just said go to hell?

I will mention this project, Mystic Palace prize list probability project as the "project" below.

The whole "project" (NOT the Mystic Palace itself) is under my own efforts and no one should attempt to copy, reproduce or republish either part(s) or whole of this "project" without my permission. Whenever mentioning about content of this "project", you should (but not neccesary all the time) mention its owner (which is me) respecting the idea of intellectual property. However, you are allowed to use them for non-commercial purposes. All rights reserved @ 2013

LAST UPDATE: 23-Feb-2013


Currently taking IST a.k.a Interactive Software Technology. Not sure which game should I take for completing assignment? Buffet Wars? LOL.

If I hate you, I usually express it out in front of you. If I did not express it to you or if I did, just not to you, chances are that I should not be hating you, or I don't even bother to tell that I hate you that much. (What happened are usually the former, so no worries.)

Wow. Didn't expect my father to be this active in Viwawa.

My Club

Club Name: Clubicon Kangaroo




Position:Goalkeeper Vice President

Member Exp:4911188

Club Description:


310509 - 090909
090909 - 121209
121209 - 130310
130310 - 150410
150410 - 190710
190710 - 241110
241110 - 170211
170210 - 100411 (retired)
110411 - 170712 (Mentor)
Current ~~~~~~

took over from as the new Founder of KANGAROO YOUTH WING CLUB. CONGRATULATIONS, Wayne!
\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll ////////////////////

CURRENT STEERING COMMITTEE..... progressive updating.

Founder: (2nd in VWW who has achieved LEVEL 600 in DEFCON 1 on 060312. 2nd highest EXP achiever in VWW with 50millions hit on 170812.)
~ Deputy Founder:
~ PA to Founder: (1st in VWW who has attained LEVEL 600 in DEFCON 1 on 160212. Also, currently the highest EXP achiever in VWW with 50millions hit on 270612.)
~ Executive Chairman:
~ Managing Director:
~ President:
~ Executive Vice President:
~ Senior ACE Vice President/Chief Recruitment Officer:
~ Vice Presidents:
~ Honorary Secretary: bongkhunjaw
~ Honorary Treasurer:
~ Ambassador: bongkhunjaw
~ World Class Managers:
~ Chief Disciplinary Officer:
~ Defcon Advisor:
~ Assistant Defcon Advisor:


World Class Coach
World Class Coach
World Class Coach
World Class Coach

VP Goalkeeper:

World Class Defender_GOLD
World Class Defender_SILVER
World Class Defender
Super Star Defender
Super Star Defender
Star Defender

Prince World Class Midfielder_GOLD
World Class Midfielder_SILVER
World Class Midfielder_SILVER
World Class Midfielder_BRONZE
Super Star Midfielder
Super Star Midfielder

World Class Winger_SILVER
World Class Winger_BRONZE
Super Star Winger
Super Star Winger
Super Star Winger

World Class Striker_GOLD
World Class Striker_GOLD
World Class Striker_SILVER
World Class Striker_SILVER
World Class Striker
Pioneer Super Star Striker
Senior Super Star Striker
Super Star Striker
Super Star Striker Honorable

kilerblue police93 RisingAngel0987


- 23rd
bongkhunjaw - 24th
- 33rd

**DEFCON 1**
- 33rd
- 38th
- 30th
- 4th
- 25th
bongkhunjaw - 41st
Honorable - 29th


Good affort by hardworking kangaroos, we have made it to position no.2. WELL DONE!
A miraculous leap of all devoted kangaroos, we have taken position no.3 @1135 hrs.
CONGRATULATIONS to all united kangaroos for making this possible again.... @1750 hrs.
A nondescript, proud moment for the club as kangaroos hopped past the 100 millionth mark @2208 hrs. CONGRATULATIONS, again!
Another bold accomplishment by united kangaroos @2308 hrs. CONGRATULATIONS!
211210 - LEVEL 5 UPGRADE @1343 hrs
A timely escalation as we hop towards Top3, CONGRATULATIONS to all dedicated kangaroos.
A miraculous leap by all kangaroos ... on this day @0740 hrs, CONGRATULATIONS.
CONGRATULATIONS to all kangaroos for making this day @1520 hrs another magically wonderful moment in the history of Club Kangaroo.
Special thanks to the Organising Committee & kangaroos who attended (34 in total), making the event such a heartwarming & memorable one.


Feb 2013=== (ZANY BRIDGE)
Jan 2013=== (ZANY BRIDGE)
Jul 2012=== (WAHJONG)
Oct 2011=== (WAHLORDS)
Sep 2011 === (HARVEST TIME)
Sep 2011=== (WAHLORDS)
Aug 2011 === (WAHLORDS)
Aug 2011 === (GROWORD)
Jul 2011 === (BIG 2.5)
Jul 2011 === (GROWORD)
Jun 2011=== (WAHLORDS)
Jun 2011=== (WAHJONG)
Jun 2011 === (GROWORD)
Apr 2011 === (DEFCON I)
Jan 2011 === (GROWORD)
Jan 2011 === (DEFCON I)
Dec 2010 === (GROWORD)
Nov 2010 === (GROWORD)
Nov 2010 === (DYNASTY CHESS)
Oct 2010 === (GROWORD)
Oct 2010 === (BUFFET WARS)
Sep 2010 === (GROWORD)
Aug 2010 === (GROWORD 1st & 2nd)
Jul 2010 === (GROWORD)
Jun 2010 === (GROWORD)
Nov 2009 to May 2010 === CLUB CONSOLIDATION
Oct 2009 === (GROWORD)
Sep 2009 === (GROWORD)
Aug 2009 === (GROWORD)
Jun 2009 === (SUSHIDO)
Jun 2009 === (MAGUS)
Apr 2009 === (GROWORD)
Mar 2009 === (GROWORD)
Feb 2009 === (GROWORD)
Dec 2008 === (GROWORD)

Club KANGAROO hopping with dignity ... always.

Club Trophies & Badges
My wawas

LeongCY LeongCY2 LeongCY3
LeongCY LeongCY2 LeongCY3
Overall 4.7/5.0 stars
Votes: 619

Overall 4.7/5.0 stars
Votes: 566

Overall 5.0/5.0 stars
Votes: 388

Game stats
Game Level Win Loss Draw Rank
Offline Dynasty Chess 81 12685 4683 983 -
Offline Stwack 19 533 572 1 -
Offline Checkmate 3 26 38 1 -
Offline Harvest Time 4 7 34 9 -
Offline Numeroid 1 2 1 0 -
Offline Sushido 9 105 58 10 -
Offline Groword 2 5 17 0 -
Offline Big 2.5 20 528 1358 0 -
Offline Speedoku 4 5 14 0 -
Offline Match It 5 69 54 5 -
Offline Wahjong 1 0 2 0 -
Offline Wahlords 4 15 25 1 -
Offline Zany Bridge 75 5852 5906 32 -
Offline DEFCON 1 145 5173 113 0 -
Offline Buffet Wars 124 10408 280 3 -
Offline Texas Hold'em 20 819 461 550 -
Offline Blob Blob Battle 17 135 37 39 -

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Hello bro , how is everything going ? Hope everything goes fine. Take care :)
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if you really don't care, you wouldn't let everybody know that you don't care. But you didn't. See? you really care. (it takes me few days to think).
at 16th Feb 13:47:24
eh how long never update your profile? but who cares you don't care your profile ?
at 14th Jan 22:52:43
:) congrats our kangaroo main goal keeper. Jia you.
at 14th Jan 11:27:38
Club Kangaroo count on you to hold on the ball tight, our valued goalkeeper..
at 28th Nov 11:44:39
Will be unavailable in near future, thank you for your caring, but I had to be inactive here =(
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Do I destroy my enemies when I make them my friends? Hi, how are you?
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