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About Me:Entry #1 (22ndJun'12)

Today 22nd Jun 2012, I'm in the mood to be more friendlier than norm days. Randomly pick unknown gamers to say 'hi' ... ...

Not knowing will I ever get a response but is ok. Life is unpredictable.

Entry #2 (12thJul'12)

1 last jab later and Sat am ready to go for the OT & the rest up to heaven's will.

Entry #3 (16thJul'12)

Every involving party is given a result date. Counting down... hope all well-wishes come true!

Entry #4 (25thAug'12)

Happy Birthday to my bro
Hoping for fine weather to have BBQ later

Entry #5 (7thOct'12)

When I get dc from game, I will re-login to apologise to that particular player. Is very disappointing when players become sore losers. Very ill-mannered ones! They feigned Game Lagged and seeked abandon. Not a word of 'Thank you' after their wish is granted. Left the room and immediately can still play in a fresh game with others. What has happened to our gracious society???

Entry #6 (17Oct'12)
Wishing myself best of luck for tml 2nd attempt Jia you

Entry #7 (03Nov'12)
Managed to play about 3 games when GW lagged seriously.140++s!!! Then auto dc. Had problem to re-login thereafter.

Entry #8 (14Jan'13)
Cough, cough ... ... please go away! Stay far far away from me!

Entry #9 (15Jan'13)
New year. new image. new hair color .... ...

Entry #10 (03Feb'13)
Why so many earthquakes around?

Entry #11 (04Mar'13)
Sayonara to Hokkaido last late mid Feb.
Hk..... Ngo Lei Le!!! Cya in early mid March.

Entry #12 (6Apr'13)
Walao! My connection was shut down ( due to lappy low batt) during mid way thru the sushido game. Paiseh Stevenchan1003 !

Entry #13 (24Apr'13)
Wishing myself health and happiness while growing wiser than last year ....... ....... ........
恭祝“我”福壽與天齊 慶賀“我”生辰快樂
年年都有今日 歲歲都有今朝
恭喜“我”。。。。 。。。。恭喜“我”。

Entry #14 (27Jun'13)
Has been a long long while since I last updated any entry.
Lately we experienced hazardous hazy weather. Very thankful that these few days the psi dropped. May we be able to breathe clean air and see clear blue sky soon.

Entry #15 (16Dec'13)
This time definitely took longer to post. Too many things happened.
Emotion is put to test and we are facing tough challenges

Entry #16 (02Jan'14)
Mummy dear fought her last tough battle and lost it on 27th Dec'13
Your beloved ones will never forget you. Wishing her eternal peace.

Entry #17 (23Jan'14)
Already bought yusheng for CNY eve potluck .........
Aiyoyo ........... what shall I prepare for 1st day of CNY potluck? A couple of houses to visit before the party .... hmmmmm .......
Headache leh

Entry #18 (25Nov'15)
Christmas is just a month away.
Am looking forward to the December events.
Gonna be unlike the past few years.

Entry #19 (31Aug'16)
Welcome Koonnie MelMun .... latest creation to the Wawa Canto family

Entry #20 (09Mar'18)
Only live once. I don't let age depicts my life. It's a wonderful beautiful world. Had a hair makeover since last year.
Purple ---> Blond
Blue ---> Ash Gray
Brown ---> Green (current)
After these attempts, next goal is youthful black. Back to reality.

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lol, y u left after asking?
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lol, you can go ask.
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at 29th Jun 17:06:33
yes, you got through.
at 27th Nov 15:46:13
Xie xie Shifu :D I'm a regular in the army(as of now) and planning to stay on for quite a bit :)
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Hahaha paiseh ah.. too busy lately and actually forgot viwawa =_=. Working for the army liao :)
at 9th Dec 22:26:40
Still as pro as always in groword Shifu! :D
Remember me? Your tu di, joel08663??
at 22nd Jul 12:20:52
Alamak , tickle 2 times .wkwkwk.(•_•)
at 13th Jul 23:44:41
Sorry canto not in a good mood today i apologize
at 29th May 10:29:57
^^ how is your hope?