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About Me:26 August 2016

This game has became a bore with a declining population of players online playing in Viwawa. To make it worse, we have unresponsive Admins or they can't fix the bug hence they choose to remain silent so bug reports will go away with time. I guess customers/ players can migrate to other game sites and mobile apps in market where they have more than 10 million players globally. We are better off playing at other sites where they have an organised administrative service who values customer feedback and respond positively. After all we as customers are paying for their salaries.

Gamer Critics Tip: Don't feed the LAZY PIGS. They will grow fatter and fatter than SNORLAX, counting dollars and cents while their inbox is flooded with bug problems or complaints. One click 'Select All' and press DELETE email button will be their quick fix.

Thank You

Just in case the admins gets offended and bans me for running my mouth off at them.... I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the past few months of fun and laughter. It is a great honour to meet Pro Players like Skytravis online here who helps a newbie like me at Buffet Wars to fight Momo and Kraken (when I was around level 30+). It is not everyday we come across such good players with humbleness and willingness to guide newbies.

Also Special Thanks to Easterlyn, f kw123, Robhinz, hunter1978, saturn123, traciaong, crazy_99, B3tr4y4L, Towkaysoh, EvilAngelz, Venga, CavellSalvatore, teddy_bear88, elvid, j3n_honey, kittyakabibi, yoke_leng, kevin_77, love_babe03, suki_rou, qoo123, enrica82, nevermind168 (had a good laugh about the Shoyu Flask), wilsonsoonkian (from hate to love), bluebird, darrenclanwars, johncris, terlalu_bohay, ninjaaec, olady99, loong_pro, honeypunch, limefreak, Rai3, wew111, foongwei (the jokes at BW) and Agosto (accurate shooter) etc...

I apologise if I can't remember all the nicknames as I type this out here. It has been a pleasure to play with all of you at Sushido and Buffet Wars. For now I will just play till my gold and tickets etc runs dry. I had fun playing while it lasted....

Take care and all the best. I wish you all well. Work hard and play hard.

With Love,

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Bodhisattva Mighty General
Bodhisattva Mighty General

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at 1st Jan 11:49:32
happy new year BOD..haha
at 20th Oct 13:09:45
at 20th Oct 13:08:34
at 9th Sep 14:01:51
you gonna quit? gonna miss you buddy :(((
at 16th Aug 00:05:19
tq bod . bod gt many gf..haha
at 31st Jul 15:37:40
nice playing wif u :)
at 12th Jul 19:42:05
Bod, if u on9, mailbox me can? hahaha
at 6th Jul 21:21:10
Nice playing with u too...u are a great & humble player!
at 27th Jun 01:03:42
at 31st May 13:34:36