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About Me:Best Achievements
2nd April 2009- 1st Win on Groword
17th June 2009 - 1st win on Match It, Big 2.5 and Sushido, 10th win on Stwack
6th May 2017 - 1st win on Speedoku
12th May 2017 - 10th Win on Big 2.5, 50th win and 10th consecutive Win on Wahlords
17th May 2017 - 1st win on Blob Blob Battle, Best Overall Ranking 9771
26th May 2017 - 150th win on Wahlord
3rd June 2017 - 1st Win on Wahjong, Best Overall Ranking 7930
21st June 2017 - 10th win on Blob Blob Battle
11th July 2017 - 10th consecutive wins and wins on Buffet wars
22th July 2017 - 500th win on Wahlord and 1st win on Harvest Time
7th August 2017 - 10th win on Match It and Best Overall Ranking 4266
21th August 2017 - 50th win on Buffet Wars
23th August 2017 - 100th win on Buffet Wars
1st September 2017 - 500th win on Buffet Wars and Best Overall Ranking 1450
3rd September 2017 - 1st and 10th win on Defcon1 win, 10th consecutive win on Defcon1
9th September 2017 - 50th win on Numeroid, Best Overall Ranking 1335
10th September 2017 - 100th win on Stwack, 1000th win on Wahlords, Best Overall Ranking 1149
1st October 2017 - 10th win on checkmate, Best Overall Ranking 904
11th October 2017- 1st win on Dynasty Chess, 50th win and 10th consecutive wins on Match it, Best Overall Ranking 867
12th October 2017 - 10th win and consecutive wins on Dynasty Chess, 10th consecutive wins on Stwack
18th October 2017 - 10th consecutive wins on Checkmate, Best Overall Ranking 500
30th October 2017 - 10th win on Zany Bridge
1st November 2017 - 50th win on Checkmate
13th November 2017 - 150th win on Numeroid
21th November 2017 - 10th win on Sushido, Best Overall Ranking 378
10th December 2017 - 50th win on Blob Blob Battle, Best Overall Ranking 200
15th December 2017 - 10th consecutive wins on Blob Blob Battle, Best Overall Ranking 179
11th January 2018 - 10th consecutive wins on Zany Bridge
18th January 2018 - 500th win on Numeroid
13th February 2018 - 50th win on Defcon1
7th March 2018 - 150th win on Blob Blob Battle, Best Overall Ranking 131
22th March 2018 - 10th win and consecutive wins on Harvest Time, Best Overall Ranking 109
29th March 2018 - 500th win on Blob Blob Battle
19th May 2018 - 50th win on Harvest time and Best Overall Ranking 65
27th May 2018 - 50th win on Big 2.5 and Best Overall Ranking 64
29th May 2018 - 10th win on Speeduko and Best Overall Ranking 62
4th June 2018 - 50th win on Speeduko and Best Overall Ranking 53
11th June 2018 - 1st, 10th win and 10th consecutive wins on Texas Hold'em
12th July 2018 - 150th win on Defcon1
24th July 2018 - 1000th win on Stwack
19th September 2018 - 1000th win on Zany Bridge
24th September 2018 - 50th win on Texas Hold'em
30th September 2018 - 150th win on Checkmate, Best Overall Ranking 42
14th October 2018 - 50th win on Groword, Best Overall Ranking 27
22nd January 2019 - 5000th win on Numeroid, Best Overall Ranking 23
5th February 2019 - 10th win and consecutive wins on Wahjong
8th March 2019 - 150th win on Big 2.5, Best Overall Ranking 18
22nd March 2019 - 500th win on Big 2.5, Best Overall Ranking 17
24th March 2019 - 150th win on Dynasty Chess
15th April 2019 - 150th win on Match It
30th April 2019 - 500th win on Harvest Time, Best Overall Ranking 11
30th May 2019 - 500th win on Match It
26th June 2019 - 10th consecutive wins on Sushido, 500th wins on Checkmate
30th July 2019 - 500th win on Groword

My objective and goals for returning back viwawa are learning new games which i had missing in action for past 7 years such as zany bridge, buffet wars, blob blob battle and numeroid.

During these 1.5+ year returned back from May 2017, my past gaming experience on encounters situations such as some players care about their playing styles otherwise scold rudely. I will appreciate that those players came here for chilling, relaxing and having more laughter not taking seriously by trying all evil deeds to warn players prevent from playing long time.

Please don't test my patience to limit or else I can be completely different guy vents out frustration. I am not an easy hot temper person with kind-soul most of the times.

Generally, I disliked attitude from some top players gave insult and flame on me even though i am proudly thanks for helping me in some games. You know who you are if you skimmed through my profile. Don't always act innocent, gives immature and selfish reaction at all times and keep accusing me.

Nevertheless, since you remove me away as friend for good. I imagined that you don't change your stinky attitude. Your Life does not only care about these viwawa games, you are not creating games as developer too. Time to leave club as I felt unsatisfactory about unhappy stay. YES THE MAJOR REASON IS ABOUT YOUR PERSONALITY CHARACTER.
In additional, that club was relatively in mess which never took any serious action to inappropriate members who makes chaotic moments. Generally, there is no one cares and ignores such acts reduce mitigate critical problems deter for better friendly community anymore.

Just BEAR IN YOUR MIND what comes to your thoughts. Playing with you as among the top 10 player in this game marked 18th september 2017 seemed to be totally shameful and spoiling atmosphere every times because you ONLY CARE WINS AS WELL AS CANNOT AFFORD TO LOSE for all games. Never attempted to learn those objective and purpose for games emphasis to improve better aspects how to overcome it to become unstoppable player.

In such circumstances, Unable to play long hours so command harsh language against me to come for stop so that you managed to take opportunity chance for gaining top monthly player on particular game by spying and investigating me for past recent weeks. I URGE YOU CHANGE YOUR WAY WHAT ARE YOU CURRENTLY IN WORSE STATE. NO WONDER NO ONE WANTS TO FRIEND WITH YOU FOR LONG PERIOD. Honestly speaking, your investigation skills are atrocious from my point of view. Brush up if you want to become detective in future cause provided misleading information won't lead to anywhere.

Recently, I heard that you had been talking behind my back that I am snatching player top monthly player for specific game. Come On seriously, Watch yourself in your mirror. There are some players also compete other games notched on top spot yet come to interrupt by insulting and accusing. Just continue to unfriend, block or whatever actions you can make yourself proud that you are much educated by provoking and offending players. Amazing and gave your 11 claps!

Indeed, she was born to be well-known potential pro fixer in Match It since crown her first top monthly match it. Hence, her corrupted mind was out of control spout nonsense to insult me on starting conflict war for debating. Her critical condition always find endless intensive scenes to other players.
Accounts involved in her game: (ramounri111, akuren, kemot13, LENGPP_2328, heiji_hatsutori, princesslea, stylize, lov3lybaby, closetsoiree, Dieheart33, Kyochun, amouri777, angyeo, signore989, linalee1999).
Don't dare to use main account had debate, what a joke. So What comes next? Come on, Coward timid mouse stay corner cries like small infant child. Dwelling over top monthly trophies desperately. Since from past had been defamed yourself for unnecessary restrictions, why bother to count games from now and then?

Despite mentioning never judge book by its cover, she simply does not understand this meaning about this phase. Behind her scene, you can see how she operated various games too. It implies similar case whatever she did.

Full of dramatic scenes series contained critizing players onto karma and curses everywhere. From the beginning, does not even feeling ashamed on her acts. Furthermore, her relevant professional certificate obtained cyber bullying towards pitiful players whoever any players able to notch top position. She don't accept defeat as a full timer viwawa player was totally outrageous cause someone cannot live without viwawa, Such a potential loser! Her stories will be repeated over and over once again mumbling herself.

For example, when she was currently top in specific game, she acts obedient and don't reveal true colors on her pessimistic identity. I just don't understood why such player refused to keep insulting and abusing non stop with weakling play style even though there are supportive players helped her keep flaming me non stop like complaining auntie? Mentally Sick.

Got the cheek to mention people KS PEOPLE TOP MONTHLY Trophy and she planned to try sneaky behind to edge for notching top spot. As usual, Her big mouth don't wash for century years with disgrace behaviour don't give respect what she takes. No wonder always truly loner and loved to stab players back. It describes informal phase 'Monkey See Monkey Do'.

Whatever encountered in any cases, this kind of character simply don't understood single concept based on personality towards respect, responsible or courtesy manner. Her top priority life is always concerned about getting top monthly golden trophy in viwawa.

This summarized former weakling no 1 player reacts and overcome scenarios simply disappointment till the max. Generally, what can she do besides create endless troubles by updating her profile and using sub accounts agitated players become enemies?

Dear all players, you wonder why my profile construct long essay based in this game. Whoever wants to befriend with her to your own risk, you will suffer with mentally sick condition pathetic lady investing life throughout 24 hours without obtaining 9 straight months retained top month trophies in this game. I can't believe that what she is insisting on past few months seriously. This kind of full time job does not reward her for earning salary regardless how long you are committed on your performance.

Leave feedback to my mailbox for any opinion: Some useless fellow keep pestering and loved to fireback nonstop without self reflection. Why this kind act 'professional' auntie dont even know how to learn keep silence while she is doing same case about herself? Singapore singlish trend defined as ownself check ownself.

Since you kept interfering me from the start and tested water about my limit, it's fine because your retribution returns what you repay back in such impolite manner. Formed a troop of enemies prevent to obtain your goals despite never reflect yourself what had been dealt.

Many cons applied to this terrible player such as wahlord or buffet wars boss play atrocious until making various players frustrated, don't obey player's instructions and just play on her own style. Simple movements can't figure out which directions to stand or trigger fires on damaging boss health.
Rely much players in numeroid believed the urge of winning top monthly for that particular game helps by making use strong players and took advantage for surviving on 5 minutes game.
As a result, it brought extremely burden for players. It's all right that she don't admit it cause she still daydreaming that she is unstoppable for any games resulted in her own dead game world.

The level of reflexes pace is extremely slow, finding her available time to spy and formed her inappropriate opinions and talked behind people's back everyday. The most important aim is to fire negativity remarks for all necessary top monthly players which she cannot win victories. What a shame and failure person can she turned out to be?

If there is still pk arena in numeroid, I can win through my slightly effort without any doubts. I had been abused that even parking my ID in numeroid lobby also keep saying bad stuffs behind my back. Not enough capable for ruling game and just keep silent. Simple logic.
On the other hand, making full use on strong players advantage gained lead ahead among other remaining players with pathetic score less than 1300 points by gaining much benefits. Big fool!

When there are some players raise out facts, she started to act defensive by using other sub accounts to cover her troubles and looked innocent. Her additional specialization is copycat people's footsteps which she was lacking behind a lot. No doubts about that.

Eventually, using the term Tak Malu on me when she is not thickskinned enough to chat on her own by herself. Totally no logical what is she attempting to say when she also match fix herself. Just face towards wall and chat with bricks, act professional viwawa most female pathetic ugliest player found here which she is weak in everything, never improves, learnt and just insulting players every now and then. Laughing stock!

Disgraceful and disgusted player match fix in match it whereby got cheek to offend player, joke with her amouri777 account at 12.19am 28th feburary 2019. Fabulous effort!

Another Story behind the scene from similar club encountered by other member with similar identity:
This unrevealed identity of real main account made secret until you tends to start chaotic with me (This is my first verbal warning to you not exposure for your real identity. If you reached my limit as your same member, Don't try me):

The former club joined was extremely horrendous method to bring down reputation. He was borned to talk ownselves for good (tannoob, carlosrudinoob, fknoobw) operates by same user. It revealed true colours of this user. Another similar player loved to communicate by your own. The player loves to interrupt with my games whenever i played games still got cheek to say sad for other parents. What a joke!

Just see yourself keep viewing my profile nonstop until 17 times and what's your intention? So simple. From the beginning, purposely start to play much on specific game whenever I played. Don't think that I did not reviewed or monitored overall scene when I am slacking behind for a while.

From my point of view, the top few hatred players gives negative impression and provoked me much classified below:

1) meiji888 (Such a potential loser player loves to abuse players nonstop, talk like parrot and follow people's footsteps which leads to nothing achieve in past several months. Still got guts mentioned cheater yet she is doing similar actions for matchfixing behind her scene leads to lose from overtaking me with small little finger about top monthly trophies, what a shameful and outrageous overall number 1 player. )

2) fkw123 (Only know hows to call players noobie, Try to attempt for playing 4k target points in numeroid don't be scary cat post image in numeroid match fixer by using another sub account. Sorry to say only the outcome with 2 pathetic wins cause nuzz cannot play)

3) Sarukakagetsuki (Another player simply loves to spam player's profile and actions to irritate almost everyone. Such a busybody low player existed here to make outrage and chaotic conflicts. )

Clocked and checked on Sunday 9 March 2019, 12pm.

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enjoy and have fun, together make this club grown

This club get the first emblem in 27/12/2016

hard works always paid off

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Offline Numeroid 78 6008 46 0 5
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Offline Checkmate 20 501 342 32 14
Offline Sushido 7 65 55 2 949
Offline Match It 14 500 660 17 19
Offline Big 2.5 26 693 195 0 -
Offline Wahjong 3 17 30 1 -
Offline Dynasty Chess 13 206 21 0 -
Offline Groword 21 617 87 7 59
Offline Harvest Time 34 500 13 1 -
Offline Speedoku 44 375 42 0 23
Offline Blob Blob Battle 52 608 127 542 -
Offline DEFCON 1 36 475 29 0 116
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Offline Texas Hold'em 4 104 12 0 128
Offline Zany Bridge 32 1690 21 0 6

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