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2nd April 2009- 1st Win on Groword
17th June 2009 - 1st win on Match It, Big 2.5 and Sushido, 10th win on Stwack
6th May 2017 - 1st win on Speedoku
12th May 2017 - 10th Win on Big 2.5, 50th win and 10th consecutive Win on Wahlords
17th May 2017 - 1st win on Blob Blob Battle, Best Overall Ranking 9771
26th May 2017 - 150th win on Wahlord
3rd June 2017 - 1st Win on Wahjong, Best Overall Ranking 7930
21st June 2017 - 10th win on Blob Blob Battle
11th July 2017 - 10th consecutive wins and wins on Buffet wars
22th July 2017 - 500th win on Wahlord and 1st win on Harvest Time
7th August 2017 - 10th win on Match It and Best Overall Ranking 4266
21th August 2017 - 50th win on Buffet Wars
23th August 2017 - 100th win on Buffet Wars
1st September 2017 - 500th win on Buffet Wars and Best Overall Ranking 1450
3rd September 2017 - 1st and 10th win on Defcon1 win, 10th consecutive win on Defcon1
9th September 2017 - 50th win on Numeroid, Best Overall Ranking 1335
10th September 2017 - 100th win on Stwack, 1000th win on Wahlords, Best Overall Ranking 1149
1st October 2017 - 10th win on checkmate, Best Overall Ranking 904
11th October 2017- 1st win on Dynasty Chess, 50th win and 10th consecutive wins on Match it, Best Overall Ranking 867
12th October 2017 - 10th win and consecutive wins on Dynasty Chess, 10th consecutive wins on Stwack
18th October 2017 - 10th consecutive wins on Checkmate, Best Overall Ranking 500
30th October 2017 - 10th win on Zany Bridge
1st November 2017 - 50th win on Checkmate
13th November 2017 - 150th win on Numeroid
21th November 2017 - 10th win on Sushido, Best Overall Ranking 378
10th December 2017 - 50th win on Blob Blob Battle, Best Overall Ranking 200
15th December 2017 - 10th consecutive wins on Blob Blob Battle, Best Overall Ranking 179
11th January 2018 - 10th consecutive wins on Zany Bridge
18th January 2018 - 500th win on Numeroid
13th February 2018 - 50th win on Defcon1
7th March 2018 - 150th win on Blob Blob Battle, Best Overall Ranking 131
22th March 2018 - 10th win and consecutive wins on Harvest Time, Best Overall Ranking 109
29th March 2018 - 500th win on Blob Blob Battle
19th May 2018 - 50th win on Harvest time and Best Overall Ranking 65
27th May 2018 - 50th win on Big 2.5 and Best Overall Ranking 64
29th May 2018 - 10th win on Speeduko and Best Overall Ranking 62
4th June 2018 - 50th win on Speeduko and Best Overall Ranking 53
11th June 2018 - 1st, 10th win and 10th consecutive wins on Texas Hold'em
12th July 2018 - 150th win on Defcon1
24th July 2018 - 1000th win on Stwack
19th September 2018 - 1000th win on Zany Bridge
24th September 2018 - 50th win on Texas Hold'em
30th September 2018 - 150th win on Checkmate, Best Overall Ranking 42
14th October 2018 - 50th win on Groword, Best Overall Ranking 27

An arrogant, stubborn and childish behaviour act from particular one of top player does not know how to seal her mouth shut and mumbling nonstop. Speaking numerous episodes about similar old grandmother storytelling felt completely disgusted. If you reacts arrogant and felt lost, just simply quit viwawa and Get Out From My Sight! I kept absorbing harmful substance carbon monoxide polluted environment no wonder required to wear respirator inhale fresh air to survive.

Shameless using sub accounts 'imaginary friends' don't pretend to be innocent if dare to play such tricks with me(ramounri111, akuren, kemot13, LENGPP_2328, heiji_hatsutori, princesslea, stylize, lov3lybaby, closetsoiree, Dieheart33, Kyochun, amouri777, angyeo) to post shoutout box, don't dare to use main account had debate, what a joke. So What comes next? Come on, Coward timid mouse stay corner cries like small infant child. Dwelling over top monthly trophies desperately. Since from past had been defamed yourself for unnecessary restrictions, why bother to count games from now and then?

Nothing better to do? It is this similar player keeps pestering about top monthly player comes out story plot for trying her best to find excuses for notching top spot repeated over and over again. Define talking behind back when she is the one who always trigger fire unknownly with terrible aiming lead to poor aiming.

For example, when she was currently top in specific game, she acts obedient and don't reveal true colors on her pessimistic identity. I just don't understood why such player refused to keep insulting and abusing non stop with weakling play style even though there are supportive players helped her keep flaming me non stop like complaining auntie? Mentally Sick.

In the past, she is the sneaky person who loves to play tricks for ksing despite push all the blames to someone else mentioned professional kser. Fake Overall Ranking No 2 player cannot play many games yet lost to me still try bring down my reputation. I had learnt something from this cycle don't give up and improved towards goal for successful player for scoring better points rather than someone had nothing better to do with poor judgement closed with her both eyes.

Viwawa is already dead game world care so much of your business. What's wrong with playing games on my own? I raised umpteen times just quit game seriously if you feel depressing and distortion on your self. Bring negativity towards player nonstop. Disgusted!

No wonder that her inappropriate discipline tends to break up ties with her ex game stead. It was fact and can't deny such past online relationship does not able to sustain long. Yet she kept brought strong debate for looking trouble that intervene her personal life.

In real reality, you will find deep trouble what you did in bad deeds. I tend to forget that you have no brain never thinks and do soul searching on yourself. Debating and explaining all sort of advises to her refused to listen at all. To mitigate issue is saving your saliva for this keyboard warrior.

Her Criticizing players skill always her competent level with highest standard which don't feel remorseful on her acts. This kind of rude player should be given so much chance due to these game impacts.

When she emphasized that 'transparent' friends and her ignored to view my profile, she hides her way to peep through my profile for looking through information and all possible number of games. Amazing that counts whatever games had played. Absolutely free can examine every single small details.

If there is still pk arena in numeroid, I can win through my slightly effort without any doubts. I had been abused that even parking my ID in numeroid lobby also keep saying bad stuffs behind my back. Not enough capable for ruling game and just keep silent. Simple logic.

OH, Wonderful! Called people match fix yet she is doing match fixing in match it with new sub account this month. Marvellous! So What's logic behind, weak player?

Oh my godness nominated one of disgusted and shameless player ever seen that think herself high end with 8 months drought without top monthly trophies. Keep emphasize that karma strikes to me but yet she wasted her most of the times not achieved anything deduced karma strikes you back for past few months. The way of understanding really make no sense and out of topic most of the times.

LoLol advanced april fool of the year! The selfish person creates mess and trouble about me then she returned her payback in consequences. Let's continue and see what she updated next thing in her profile? Definitely copy and paste my paragraph modified slightly changes before post. Stay tuned for interesting jokes!

Clocked and checked on Wednesday 2 Januaty 2019 3.30pm.

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enjoy and have fun, together make this club grown

This club get the first emblem in 27/12/2016

hard works always paid off

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Offline Stwack 41 1361 1753 0 102
Offline Numeroid 70 4883 46 0 8
Offline Wahlords 78 2432 801 0 132
Offline Checkmate 14 221 340 32 50
Offline Sushido 4 13 52 1 -
Offline Match It 11 100 658 15 83
Offline Big 2.5 8 64 165 0 -
Offline Wahjong 2 4 4 0 -
Offline Dynasty Chess 4 16 21 0 -
Offline Groword 13 245 78 7 129
Offline Harvest Time 20 181 13 1 17
Offline Speedoku 18 60 42 0 86
Offline Blob Blob Battle 52 608 127 542 25
Offline DEFCON 1 28 300 25 0 138
Offline Buffet Wars 28 720 7 0 -
Offline Texas Hold'em 3 91 12 0 61
Offline Zany Bridge 26 1186 20 0 7

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