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at 16th May 15:29:09
I vote u 5 stars.
at 16th May 15:28:48
Report done. Stupid guy hope to have karma and punishment.
at 15th May 21:55:46
U need to learn kai ju opening move. xiangqi kai ju
at 15th May 21:55:25 type xiangqi in chinese in the box its a china chess youtube tutorials.
at 15th May 21:54:36
Opening pieces must be fast especially car also must be on top. u can go to dynesty chess forum see one girl called xixipl chess theory.
at 15th May 21:53:37
You can do it....JUst play slowly and think future steps...Everytime when u want to make a move u need to think what opponent will move. Practice this until u got chess instinct. That's how I do it.