Game Ratings

In a conscious effort to ensure Viwawa games are suitable for children and teenagers, Pendulab have recently engaged United States based Family Friendly Rating Council (FFRCO) to professionally review and rate Viwawa's suite of games.

Established in 2012 by the Casual Games Association, the Family Friendly Rating Council (FFRC) provides an easy-to-use rating system to assist parents and educators in selecting video game content appropriate for children of different ages and maturity levels.

The FFRC is administered by the Casual Games Association which was founded in 2005. Casual games are found on a myriad of platforms including personal computers, video game consoles, mobile phones and handheld devises. Because of their ease of distribution and mass appeal, casual games are distributed in a wide variety of locations including retail stores, major online portals, social networks, and specialty online retailers. Hence, casual games represents the largest number of gamers worldwide.

After extensive review by the FFRC, Pendulab is glad to announce that most of Viwawa's games are deemed suitable for children of all ages. Some games like Stwack and Buffet Wars contain are found more suitable for children above the age of 5 due to the level of complexity of the games. However, the underlying theme is that Viwawa games are generally fun to play and contain no explicitness, hardcore violence and any other undesirable traits which parents and educators frown upon.

Viwawa hopes one day to be the choice social game network endorsed by parents and educators.

For more information on FFRC, please go to .