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coldbutt has been awarded Red Rose x 1000 in Groword

26th Jun 23:03:04

boonhong24 has been awarded Cactus x 1000 in Groword

26th Jun 21:31:08

coldbutt has been awarded Forget Me Not x 1000 in Groword

26th Jun 19:39:08

cecilia_lukardi has been awarded Bloomed 3 Flowers in Groword

26th Jun 14:10:40

cecilia_lukardi has been awarded Hat Trick 4 in Groword

26th Jun 14:10:40

linalee1999 has been awarded Formed 7-letter word in Groword

26th Jun 00:24:32

coldbutt has been awarded Chinese Zodiac Word Quest in Groword

25th Jun 06:21:52

R3dAnG3L has been awarded SNF Orchid x 10 in Groword

24th Jun 11:20:37

jongos63 has been awarded Daffodil x 100 in Groword

23rd Jun 20:56:59

Titanland has been awarded Orange Daisy x 10 in Groword

23rd Jun 15:17:05

jojojxlene has been awarded Bloomed 3 Flowers in Groword

23rd Jun 02:07:25

After the searing battles on the plains of Wahlords and the futuristic moonscape of Numeroid, our battle-weary wawas yearn for some long-deserved relaxation. While travelling across Earth, they found a farmhouse and decided that they will grow flowers as a pastime. Not just content with this newly found gardening hobby, our wawas had the whackiest idea of what fertilizers they will shower on their beloved flowers.

Groword is a puzzle game of forming words given letters on a board. You form words by linking adjacent letters. Every word formed gives you water for your flowers to grow and bloom. And what's a puzzle game without skills? In Groword, you can use skills to gain special effects and game bonuses. Use them at the right time and the tide will turn in your favour.

Relax yourself, form words, water your flowers and watch your garden bloom.