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Unread 24th January 2013
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Default Re: Viwawa Big2 on iPhone

I play on iPhone and iPad but there are problems with the app. A few examples:

* App does not allow split straights such as A-2-3-4-5 or J-Q-K-A-2.

* App does allow playing of straight flushes but only when you play them first. For example: Player 1 plays Q-Q-Q-5-5. I'm player 2 and want to play 5-6-7-8-9 (all hearts). I can on the computer but cannot on iOs devices. However, if I play the straight flush first, other players can't beat it with a full house, etc.

I enjoy playing on my iOs devices but am at a disadvantage in pure game play.

Also, if I'm hosting, I can't boot (kick) another player and chat is very difficult because the chat window doesn't close easily and ends up in front of cards played. It's sometimes impossible to see what other players have played when the chat window is stuck in the open position.

The lack of player information also ****s. I like to see level, stats, etc. of other players and can't in iOs.

After these bugs are fixed, it will be much better playing on the app than on the computer. It's easier to follow because it's less busy visually--much easier to see how many cards all players have left, for example.

Get to work and fix this stuff!
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Unread 27th May 2013
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Default Re: Viwawa Big2 on iPhone

how about i pad?
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Unread 30th May 2013
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Default Re: Viwawa Big2 on iPhone

android phone?....
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Unread 1st August 2013
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Default Re: Viwawa Big2 on iPhone

I hope viwawa make for androit too, cause i love big 2.5 viwawa
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Unread 8th November 2013
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Default Re: Viwawa Big2 on iPhone

Why I cannot sign in if viwawa?
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