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Default Basic Game Play Mechanics

Aerena is a MultiPlayer-Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game. It is a turn-based Player-versus-Player system. Each player commands a captain of a ship. As a player, you will be able to bring into the game the following assets
  1. 3 x Champions
  2. 3 x Aether Shells
Each Champion possesses different characteristics and abilities. Similarly, each Aether Shell has a different function. The key to winning in the arena is to understand the capabilities and limitations of your assets and deploying them strategically in order to outsmart, outwit and outmaneuver your opponents.

It must be noted that Aerena is a game which is constantly evolving (for the better!) and there will always be new Champions, features and more interesting game play mechanics available in the game as time passes. So, keep coming back to Aerena. A champion today maybe a loser tomorrow.

Game Objective
The objective of the game is to sink the opponent's ship by reducing its life points to zero. There are two ways in which a ship can take damages
  1. By directly attacking a ship area using direct attacks, champion abilities or with Aether Shells.
  2. By knocking out an opponent's Champion.
Understanding the Arena battle grid
Each PvP battle is played out on a square-based grid. Each Champion has a pre-defined Movement attribute. A Champion with 3 Movement Point can move up to a maximum of 3 square-grids. A Champion cannot move diagonally.

(The Arena)

Do note that a Champion can attack a diagonal square-grid in one movement phase. So, if a 3-Movement Point Champion is running away from a 2-Movement Point Champion, the former must move in a straight line to be out of the range of attack.

Special Tiles on the Arena Grid
If you noticed the arena image shown above, there are tiles with special symbols on them. These special tiles create an effect based on the symbols imprinted on them.

The list below explains the type of tiles (and more special tiles maybe added later) which exist as of this post:
  • Health Tile (depicted by a Green-colored cross). Adds 2 life points to a Champion
  • Damage Tile (depicted by a Red-colored fire). Deducts 2 life points from the Champion
  • Death Tile (depicted by a Red Skull): Kills a Champion
  • Ship Aether Tile (depicted by a Lightning over Ship): Adds 1 Ship Aether
  • Champion Aether Tile (depicted by a Lightning over Person): Adds 1 Aether to the Champion
A tile is triggered as long as a Champion is positioned on it, through normal movement, pushing or teleporting. If you pushed an opponent's Champion into a Ship Aether tile, the opponent will thank you for your generosity by having a free Ship Aether added to the opponent's ship.

It is important to note that a special tile halts all movement for a Champion. Hence, if a Champion with 2 Movement points left enter a special tile, the same Champion ceases movement for that turn.

Game Turns

Each player has 3 Turns in a game. Although a Player can select 5 Champions to the "bench", only 3 Champions can be fielded on the battle arena for combat due to the 3 Turns principle. When deploying a Champion, the Player can assign where to place the Champion based on the Champion's Movement Points. A 3-Movement Point Champion can be deployed up to 3 square-grid away from the ship.

There are some other interesting factors about Game Turns which are best left for the players to discover for themselves.

In a turn-based MOBA game, positioning of your assets is one of the keys to success. One interesting action which can be used is called pushing. You can push an opponent's Champion diagonally, effectively moving them 2 Movement-Points away from the attacker. A Champion can also be pushed (slammed) into a wall or ship and will endure 2 hits to the Champion's life points. The ship will take 1 hit. You can also push a Champion off the arena (effectively a Kill-By-Heights). If a Champion is slammed against another Champion, both Champions will move one square-grid and each Champion will suffer 1 hit to their own life points. Pushing is an interesting strategy which will give a Player a strong tactical advantage once it is fully grasped.


A Champion possesses three attributes namely:
  1. Life Points
  2. Movement Points
  3. Attack
Life and Movement Points are self explanatory. We shall explain more on a Champion's attack attribute. Each Champion has three types of attacks. The first is a basic attack. Basic attack generates 1 Aether for the attacking Champion. Basic attack differs from Champion to Champion.

The second special and third ultra types of attacks use the Champion's Aether. Think of Aether as a form of energy points. A Champion earns an Aether at the start of the turn, basic attack or by stepping on a Champion Aether tile. A Champion's second type of attack requires 2 Aether and the third and most powerful type of attack requires 5 Aether.

Each Champion can store a maximum of 5 Aether. If a Champion with 5 Aether steps on a Champion Aether tile, no additional Aether will be added to the Champion.

Some attacks have a range. For example, if a 'fist' symbol with "2-3" is show, it means there is a 50% chance a 2 or 3 hits to the Life Point will be meted to the opponent.

At the start of a Champion's turn, the Champion gains two action points and one Aether. During a Champion's turn, some tiles will be highlighted to show the maximum movement range permissible (based on the Champion's Movement Points as well). A Champion can also use both turns for Movements instead of Move-Attack turn sequence.

Ships are the prized asset for each battle. As mentioned earlier, the goal of each game is to destroy the opponent's ship. Similar to Champions, there are many ships which a Player can select for fielding in the battle arena.

All ships have Life Points as well as special abilities. The general rule of thumb is that a ship with special abilities tend to have lower life points. A new Aerena Player will start off with the basic ship which has 15 Life Points. Each ship takes up the entire side of your player's arena end.

Each ship can be damaged in two ways. 1) By knocking out a Champion resulting in 2 Life Points deducted from the ship. 2) by directly inflicting damage on the ship.

Some Champions have suicide attack skills. When deployed, they die without their own ship suffering any damages. A ship has no armor. Hence, it always absorbs the brunt of the attack from an opponent's Champion.

A Player has to weigh the tactical situation on the arena and decide when it is best to move Champions to attack the ship directly or when best to just attack the opponent's Champions.

Each ship can store up to a maximum of 10 Ship Aethers. A ship can gain 1 Ship Aether if
  1. a Champion lands on a Ship Aether tile, OR
  2. it receives 1 hit to its Life Point, OR
  3. the opponent's ship is damaged.
Tip: You cannot generate Aether by attacking your own ship directly. However, it is possible to damage your own ship with an Area of Attack. This will generate a Ship Aether for your own ship.

A Player may bring up to 3 Shells into a battle. Each shell is deployed from the ship and hence requires Ship Aether.

A Ship can contain a maxium of 10 Ship Aether. Some shells will require 5 Ship Aether while others will require 10 Ship Aether to deploy. If there is enough Ship Aether, it is possible to deploy two Shells in a single turn.

A Shell can be deployed anywhere on the battle grid and on any Champions, fitting the purpose of the Shell. Very often, the careful use of Shells can turn the tide of the battle from a losing proposition to a winning one.
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