Quick Start
  1. Join a match
    Click on any match with status "WAITING" and with "JOIN NOW" indicator.
  2. Choose your skills
    Click your skills from the skill-list to bring to battle, you may bring up to 5 skills into a match. Be sure to include both defensive and attack skills!
  3. Get Ready!
    Click READY to let your opponent know you are ready for battle.
  4. Select your move
    You are given 10 seconds to select your move in each round. You will automatically idle if no skill is selected.
  5. See results
    After both players have chosen their moves, the results will be animated.
Game Interface - Match Listing
  1. Match Details
    Displays details of each match
  2. Match List Filter
    Tabs to select the type of matches to display. The last tab "Skills" displays all available skills in the game for purchase.
  3. Chat Area
    Chat with online players here!
  4. Players/Buddies List
    Check who's online here. You may also initiate private chat sessions here and manage your buddy list.
  5. Your Player Profile
    Information on your player's current level, experience and gold accumulated.
  6. Match Control Panel
    Allows you to create a match or even automatically join an existing match. Also lets you scroll through the match or skills list.
Game Interface - Prematch
  1. Choose battle arena
    Choose the battle arena where your match will be held. Each arena has a different background music!
  2. Choose your skills
    All players can only bring 5 skills into a match. Click on the skills to select/deselect them into your slots.
    This is where you state your READY status, as well as to START the match (for match owners)
  4. Chat area
    You can chat with your opponent in this chat panel.
  5. Challenger Information
    Show the challenger's details as well as ready status.
  6. Match Owner Information
    Show the match owner's details.
Game Interface - Live Battle
  1. Player Details
    RED indicates the health of the player, while GREEN indicates the stamina of the player. First player to lose all health loses the match. Stamina is required to perform most attacks.
  2. Timer Countdown
    Each player is given 10 seconds to decide on a move in each round. Plan carefully and maintain your cool!
  3. Skills List
    These are the available skills selected during prematch. Idle and Random are available to all players. Random lets the server pick a random skill that you own, and does not have to be in the chosen list.
  4. Chat area
    You can chat with your opponent in this chat panel.
Battle Strategy
STWACK is not all about dealing the damage in every round. Every move you choose, whether attacking or defending, is vital for defeating your opponent!

  1. 3 Hit Zones
    Every attack or defence skill defines the areas that it affects: HEAD, TORSO or LEGS. Each skill may affect one or more of these hit zones and of different impact. Plan your strategy well and anticipate your opponent's next move!
  2. Special Items
    Special items may be used concurrently with any skill in a single round, but you may only use then for a maximum of 5 times. Use them wisely to gain an edge over your opponents.
  3. Stamina Control
    Maintain your stamina at a healthy level. A low stamina level decreases the effectiveness of your attack and defence moves!
Player Progression
In STWACK, your funky hair changes color as you progress in level. Here's a rough color guide for each level range.

There are some rules and tips to keep in mind for player progression:
  1. Fight with players of similar level
    You will grow stronger as you progress in levels, and by defeating weaker players, you will not gain as much experience. Look for players of same level or higher to gain the most experience.
  2. Vary your opponents
    The system remembers your opponents. You will earn more experience by fighting more players rather than defeating the same player over and over.
  3. Skills upgrade
    With each level up, remember to visit the skills list to check out any new skills available to you!