1. Speedoku has the same playing rules as Sudoku. Essentially, the objective of the game is to fill a 9 x 9 grid using the digits 1 to 9. Each digit cannot appear more than once in the same column, row and 9 of the 3 x 3 boxes.
  2. Speedoku has two themes, Classic and Viwawa. For the Classic theme, you will solve the puzzle using the familiar digits 1 to 9. For the Viwawa theme, you will be using 9 distinct shapes in place of the digits. The playing concept is the same, merely the symbols have changed.
  3. In Speedoku, there is no single player mode. You will not have the luxury of solving the puzzle yourself at your own pace.
  4. Scoring is done by solving squares. Squares solved earlier when the puzzle is less "completed" will give more points. Consecutive correct answers will give bonus points.
  5. A penalty is given for every wrong answer. Beware as the penalties are usually quite substantial. This is to discourage players from using the trial-and-error approach.
Playing Modes
  1. Player versus Player
    This mode should be familiar to Viwawa players. You will challenge 1 to 3 other players to see who can score the most points on the way to completing the board.
  2. Blitz
    This is where Speedoku starts to get interesting. In this mode, you will randomly join a computer-generated puzzle. All puzzles are played using the Viwawa theme. Up to 20 players can be simultaneously on the same puzzle trying to solve it. So speed (what else?!) is of the essence here.

    Unlike Player versus Player mode, you can leave anytime and not have to wait for the puzzle to be completed. However, you should solve at least one square otherwise you will be penalized.

    Playing on Blitz mode gives somewhat higher Gold and XP. But more importantly, Blitz mode prepares you for the ultimate Speedoku challenge - Competition mode.
  3. Competition
    Details coming soon...