Game screen
*New in Numeroid Z!
  1. Position indicator
    indicate positions of every player.
  2. Score
    Display score of that player
  3. Turn indicator
    Seeing this on your wawa indicate that you can now fire your Tank.
  4. Pockets
    Store bubble you have collected.
  5. Selected bubbles
    Click on the bubbles in the pocket bar to select them. They will be added to the equation bar to form your equation. Bubbles can only be selected once. Darkened bubbles
  6. Operation buttons
    Press these buttons to form mathematical equation and score more points. C indicate cancel
  7. Equation bar
    Display the equation you have formed so far. Click on submit button to submit your equation. Click on the cancel button to clear your last entry. *By default, a second row has been introduced. You can now make longer equations!!
  8. Power bar
    Determine the power of your shot, low power may cause your bubble to stop halfway.
  9. Your tank
    Moving your mouse around turns your turret.
  10. Your base
    The black line shows your base in the arena. If bubble(s) touches your base. You will be considered dead.
  11. *Contingency Bubble
    *Get a Contingency Bubble for every 5 equations you make. When charged, use the bubble to bring down all the bubbles that the Contingency Bubble hits, regardless of colours.
  12. *Work together with opponents
    *Bonus gold and experience will be given to all players who managed to obtain a certain score for every game. Work together to get more gold!
    • Level 1 (0-999 points) Baby level
    • Level 2 (1000- 2999 pts) Student level
    • Level 3 (3000 – 4999) Teacher level
    • Level 4 (5000 - 9999) Professor level
    • Level 5 (>=10000) Mathematician level
  13. *Time limit clock (in seconds)
    *Game play will now end in 5 minutes, or if any player dies, whichever comes first.
Game play
*New in Numeroid Z!
  1. Shooting
    Turn the turret by moving your mouse around. The speed it turns is determined by your tank's speed. Left click to fix your aim.
  2. Power bar
    A power bar will be shown before your shot is made. left click again fire. Try to click when the bar is full for maximum power. Your tank's charging speed determines how long your tank remain fully charge. At any time you wish to cancel shooting, press ESC key on your keyboard.
  3. Accuracy
    Your bubble may not always go where you want. Your tank's accuracy will determine how often your shot will go your way.
  4. Shooting down bubbles
    To shoot down bubbles, your bubble must come into contact with identically coloured bubbles, forming a group of three or more. The core (black bubble), cannot be shot down.
  5. "?" bubble (Question mark bubble)
    Shoot these down to obtain a suprise which may improve or worsen your tank's stat.
  6. Reload
    After shooting, Your tank's reloading speed determines how fast you can fire your next shot.
  7. Forming equation
    Beside shooting down bubbles to gain points, you can also form equation using the numbers your have shot. To form an equation:
    1. Click on the bubbles in your pocket to use them.
    2. Click on the operations buttons to add operators like "+" and "-"
    3. Click on the "C" button to clear the last entry you have made.
    4. Note that 1 bubble can only be used once in an equation.
    5. Note that your pocket has a fixed capacity and will only store your lastest collection.
    6. Click on the submit button to submit your equation.
    7. You can also use your keyboard's number keypad.
  8. Valid equation
    A valid equation consist of the followings:
    1. Operators must be used. e.g. 1 + 1 = 2 (ok), 1 = 1 (wrong)
    2. The right side of the equation must not hold any operators. e.g. 1 + 1 = 2 (ok), 2 = 1 + 1 (wrong)
    3. When checking equations. The order of your operators applies: e.g. 1 + 1 * 2 = 3 (ok), 1 + 1 * 2 = 4 (wrong)
  9. Winning Condition
    Of course, the board will not be staying still. After each time interval, the board will start to grow outwards. If the bubbles touches the your base of the arena, you will be considered dead. The winning player is the last surviving player. If the match ends with 2 or more players dying at the same time. The player with the highest score will be considered the winner. Dead players will recieve points penalty.

    *Minimum score
    There is now a minimum score to win the game (400 points). Highest scored player below 400 points at the end of the game will be a draw.

    *Important to form equations. Forming equations is a lot more important now, as the minimum score is very hard to reach just by shooting down bubbles.
  10. *Contingency Bubbles
    *You can now save yourself with special magnetic bubbles. You will slowly recharge the bubble when you perform 5 equations of any length. These bubbles will destroy all the bubbles that it contacts with, saving you from doom!
  11. *Working togeher
    *Instead of killing off your opponent, why not collaborate with them to acheive bonus experienence points and gold? The counter is a reflection of the total points everybody in the board is getting, so try to aim for a higher score to get more bonus!