Game Screen
  1. Hour Hand
    Shows the number of turns left. The game ends when the hour hand reach 12 o'clock.
  2. Minute hand
    Shows the time left to make your turn. Your turn ends when the hour hand reach 12 o'clock
  3. Game Ending
    Shown when 3/4 of the game has finished.
  4. Pots
    Contain your growing flower.
  5. Player's score
  6. Submit button
    Send your word you have formed.
  7. Clear button
    Clear all your selected tile.
  8. Pass button
    Pass if you cannot find a word.
  9. Word
    Word formed by the player.
  10. Board score
    Score a player recieved by forming the word.
  11. Board Bonus
    Bonuses a player recieved by forming the word, red for penalty and green for positive bonus.
  12. Skill slot
    Your skills will be placed here.
  13. Garden
    Place all your flower that has bloomed.
Type of Tiles
  1. Normal Tiles
  2. Bonus Tile
    These tiles give you a random bonus when you form a word using them.
  3. Selected Tile
    Shown when you have selected this tile
  4. Highlighted Tile
    Shown when you mouse over this tile.
  5. Water drops
    The more water drops is shown on the tile, the faster you flower grows when you use them to form a word.
How to determine if it is your turn?
  1. Minute hand moving
  2. Board Highlight
  3. Pass, clear and submit button shown
  4. Prompt
  5. Wawa Highlight
  6. Chat Box dimmed
How to form a word? (use any of these method)
  1. Type the word out during your turn and press ENTER to submit
  2. Click on the tiles in order of the word and click on the submit button below
  3. Click on the tiles in order of the word and click on the last selected tile again to submit
  4. Take Note!
    Words are formed from adjoining letters. Letters must join in the proper sequence to spell a word. They may join horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, to the left, right, or up-and-down. No letter tile, however, may be used more than once within a single word. * Your turn will end after submitting a word even if it is an invalid one.
Type of Items available
  1. Pot
    Used to hold your growing flower.
  2. Skill
    Give you an advantage when used at the right time.
  3. Flower
    Give score or random bonus when they have bloomed.
How to use skills
Skills are sometimes given as a bonus. There are 3 different types of skill: pray for rain, swap tiles and replace tiles.
  1. Pray for rain
    Click on the icon. There are 3 different animation to determine the outcome of your skill.
    1. 1 small drop of rain: skill failed. Nothing happens :(
    2. Small rain: random growth between 1-7 given to your flowers in pot
    3. Big rain: random growth between 8-10 given to your flowers in pot
  2. Swap Tile
    Click on the icon. Then click on 2 adjacent tiles to swap them.
  3. Replace Tile
    Click on the icon. Then click on a tile to replace it with the letter shown in the skill.
Game Play
  1. The objective of this game is to obtain the highest score at the end of some number of rounds.
  2. The score you get is determined by the length of word plus or minus bonus.
  3. You will also receive some points when your flower has bloomed
  4. The amount of growth received by your flower is determined by the total number of droplets use to form your word.