Dynasty Chess plays exactly the same as the popular game of Chinese Chess. To defeat your opponent, you need to fulfill one of the following conditions.
  1. Capture your oppenent's general
  2. Your opponent has no more valid moves
  3. Your opponent has run out of time
  1. Audio settings
  2. Leave the game
  3. Your player profile (level, experience points, gold and cash)
  4. Game Settings (see next section)
  5. Chat with other players
  6. Players and friends
  7. Join a match by specifying its ID
  8. Automatically join any available match
  9. Create a match
  10. Switch between viewing matches that have not started, live matches or matches that your friends are playing in
  11. Scroll among matches
  12. Matches that are currently active
Game Settings
  1. In the Game Settings window, you can select a different chess piece set to be used in your matches. Please note that you can only choose a set that you own. To purchase additional sets, please visit the Item Shop.
Pre-match Screen
  1. Your Profile
    Shows your level, playing side (red or black) and timer
  2. Your opponent's profile
  3. Chat with your opponent
  4. Name of Match
    Shows the ID and name of the match. If you are the match owner, you can edit the name.
  5. Playing Side
    Choose to play either the Red or Black side. The Red side will move first.
  6. Time Limit
    Choose between a 15, 30 or 60 minute match. Time limit applies per player, not the total time taken.
  7. Ready / Start
    If you are not the match owner, click on "Ready" to tell the owner that you are ready to play. For the match owner, the "Start" button will be activated once your opponent is ready.
Live Match
  1. Moving your chess piece
    Click on any of your own piece to start a move. A glowing yellow base means that the piece is currently selected.
  2. Completing the move
    After selecting one of your pieces, click on any point on the chess board to move the piece there. A fiery base means that you intend to capture an enemy piece. Click on the enemy piece to complete the move.
  3. Move History
    This shows the list of moves that have been made so far in the match. The first column is Red's moves and the second is black's. This uses standard Chinese Chess move notation.