Quick Start
  1. Join a match
    Click on any match with status "WAITING" and with "JOIN NOW" indicator.
  2. Get Ready!
    Click READY to let your opponent know you are ready for the game.
  3. Your Turn
    Depending on the match settings you will have 15,30 or 60 minutes of decision making time for the game. You will lose the match when your time runs out.
  4. Make your moves
    Select the chess piece and move it to your desired position.
Game Interface - Match Listing
  1. Match Details
    Displays details of each match
  2. Match List Filter
    Tabs to select the type of matches to display.
  3. Chat Area
    Chat with online players here!
  4. Players/Buddies List
    Check who's online here. You may also initiate private chat sessions here and manage your buddy list.
  5. Your Player Profile
    Information on your player's current level, experience and gold accumulated.
  6. Match Control Panel
    Allows you to create a match or even automatically join an existing match. Also lets you scroll through the match or skills list.
Game Interface - Prematch
  1. Choose My Color
    The creator of the game can choose which chess color to use. White chess pieces will always make the first move.
  2. Choose Time Limit
    There is a limit to the thinking time of each player for the game. Choose 15,30,60 or infinite minutes.
    This is where you state your READY status, as well as to START the match (for match owners)
  4. Chat area
    You can chat with your opponent in this chat panel.
  5. Challenger Information
    Show the challenger's details as well as ready status.
  6. Match Owner Information
    Show the match owner's details.
Game Interface - Live Game
  1. Board and Chess Pieces
    This is where the game of chess is played out on. Outthink your opponent to capture his king!
  2. Timer
    This will show how much thinking time a player has left for this match. There will be no timer if no time limit is set to infinite.
  3. Move History
    Moves notations are recorded down in move sequence.
  4. 2D/3D
    Players can switch between 2D and 3D view of the chess board using these buttons. Perspective of the board can also be adjusted by holding down the left mouse button and shifting the cursor.
  5. Draw
    Click here to request a draw with your opponent.
  6. Chat area
    You can chat with your opponent in this chat panel.