Quick Start
  1. Join a match
    Click on any match with status "WAITING" and with "JOIN NOW" indicator.
  2. Get Ready!
    Click READY to let your opponent know you are ready for the game.
  3. Your Turn
    Depending on the match settings you will have 20,40 or 60 seconds to play your cards in a turn. You will automatically pass your turn when the time runs out.
  4. Play cards
    Select the card or cards that you want to play.
Game Interface - Match Listing
  1. Match Details
    Displays details of each match
  2. Match List Filter
    Tabs to select the type of matches to display. The last tab "Skills" displays all available skills in the game for purchase.
  3. Chat Area
    Chat with online players here!
  4. Players/Buddies List
    Check who's online here. You may also initiate private chat sessions here and manage your buddy list.
  5. Your Player Profile
    Information on your player's current level, experience and gold accumulated.
  6. Match Control Panel
    Allows you to create a match or even automatically join an existing match. Also lets you scroll through the match or skills list.
Game Interface - Prematch
  1. Choose Game Mode
    Choose the game mode you want to play in. Big 2.5 mode will allow the use of exciting skills!
  2. Choose Time Limit
    There is a time limit in each turn for players to play their cards. Choose 20,40 or 60 seconds for each turn.
    This is where you state your READY status, as well as to START the match (for match owners)
  4. Chat area
    You can chat with your opponent in this chat panel.
  5. Challenger Information
    Show the challenger's details as well as ready status.
  6. Match Owner Information
    Show the match owner's details.
Game Interface - Live Game
  1. Hand
    Current hand of the player. Be the first to clear your hand to win!
  2. Timer Countdown
    Each player is given a time limit to decide on a move in each turn. Plan carefully and maintain your cool!
  3. Play
    Select the card or cards in your hand then play.
  4. Pass
    Can pass your turn as part of a strategic move or when you do not have the right cards to throw.
  5. Skill
    Choose to use a skill instead to maximize your chance to win!
  6. Chat area
    You can chat with your opponent in this chat panel.
Rules and Play!
BIG 2.5 is a climbing game known as simply "Big 2" or "Choi Da Di" with an added twist. Each player in turn must play a higher card (or combination of cards) than the previous player. A player who cannot or does not wish to beat the previous play can pass. This continues for as many rounds as necessary until someone makes a play which no one will beat. The aim is to clear all cards in your hand.

  1. Players and Cards
    Need 4 players to start this game. Each player will start of with a hand of 13 cards. There is also an ordering of suits - from high to low: spades, hearts, clubs, diamonds.
  2. Playable Combinations
    There are 3 types of combination: single cards, pairs and five card groups.
    • Single Cards
    • 2 is the biggest card in this game and 3 is the lowest. Between cards of the same rank, the one with the bigger suit wins.
    • Pairs
    • A pair of equal ranked cards, twos are highest and threes are lowest. Any higher ranked pair beats one with lower ranks. When the rank is the same, the one with the highest suit wins.
    • 5 Cards
    • There are 5 types of 5 cards combinations, straight(Lowest), flush, full house, four of a kind and straight flush(Highest). When the combination is the same, the suit with the biggest card wins.
  3. Skills
    Skills can be executed before playing the cards. Can only use 3 skills in a game and the skills cannot be repeated. Only one skill can be used per turn.