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Kira_Lacus has been awarded Match Four Tokens 10x in Wahjong

26th Jun 12:17:40

Smurf62 has been awarded Sequence Hand Master in Wahjong

26th Jun 00:47:40

soni22250 has been awarded Pure Suit Addict in Wahjong

25th Jun 20:53:09

Kira_Lacus has been awarded Win 5 Lines in Wahjong

25th Jun 10:22:23

Kira_Lacus has been awarded Win 10 Lines in Wahjong

25th Jun 10:22:23

Mahjong is a classic Chinese game in which good memory, observation skills strategy and in some cases extreme luck are required for winning. Wahjong is our online twist to this classic game.

On the Wahjong battle field, information is the key to victory. This information can be gathered by an abundance of "cheating" options. Peek into your opponents' tiles, expose their tiles to everyone or even swap winning tiles from their hand. Declare mental war with your opponents! Nevertheless, if you are a person of integrity, you can always select the classical version and still be King of Wahjong.

So what are you waiting for? Place your neighbourhood Mahjong King title on the line and challenge to be the King of Wahjong now!