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Numeroid Z

Numeroid Z is a partial revamp of the fun-filled game of Maths and Physics. Commandeer your tanks and challenge others with your speed, reflexes and mathematical mastery!

With Numeroid Z you can also collaborate with other players to obtain bonus gold and exp! Achieve the mythical Mathematician level together with your in-game mates and be a legend among your peers!

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A.D 2157, a world where wawas are able to travel across space, wawas have become so wealthy that owning tanks is no longer a dream and they have devised a game which has gained popularity. Numeroid!!!

Numeroid is a fast-paced game where the fastest fingers and the wittiest brain battle it out. Choose a tank that complements your playing style. Do you have the fastest fingers? Can you shoot with insane speed and aim with deadly accuracy? Are you able to shoot down bubbles to clear the arena in a flash? If so, slug it out with your unbelievable speed and reflexes.

Perhaps you are one of the "brainiacs"? Do you use the physics of the arena to access seemingly inaccessible blind spots? Does your brain perform mathematical calculations faster than the speed of a supercomputer? Do you throw out mind blowing mathematical equations with your unparalleled mathematical mastery?

Regardless of the type of player you are, Numeroid is a fun-filled game with limitless possibilities. Time is running out! What will you do?