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Game Rules
  1. 2 to 4 players
  2. Match as as many cards as you can each turn.
  3. Create chains to score big!
  4. Match the Viwawa cards to double your points for the turn.
  5. 4 exciting skills at your disposal!
  6. Highest score wins match!

  1. Fog
    Conceal your cards from your opponents!
  2. Booby Trap
    Hide a trap under a card to disrupt your opponent.
  3. Third Hand
    Grants an extra chance to pick another card.
  4. Confuse
    Confuse your opponents by messing up the cards.

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Another original Viwawa take on the ever popular childhood card matching game.

November Top 10
No. | User ID | Percentile | Win | Loss | Draw
1 100.00 8 0 0
2 64.74 11 0 1

Match It is another original Viwawa take on the ever popular childhood card matching game. In Match It, you can challenge a single opponent or up to 3 other players to see who can match up the most pairs of cards in a deck of cards. You can enjoy the game as a simple brain teaser by playing on a small 4x4 deck or you can push your memory to its limits by playing on the massive 8-by-8 deck.

As with our games, Match It includes special skills that you can use to increase your scoring or to confuse your opponents. Afraid that your opponent has memorized the whole deck? Simple, just reshuffle the whole deck to confound your opponents. In Match It, a steady memory coupled with a nimble strategy will guarantee that you come out tops in this twisted mind game.