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Black Peony Guards Chess Piece Set
The Black Peony Guards are sweeping across the lands of Dynasty Chess. Even veteran troops cower in fear of their prowess. Are you worthy to command these lovely yet deadly ladies? They are waiting for you at the Item Shop...
Classic Chess Piece Set
We are pleased to announce the launch of the Classic Chess Piece Set for all players yearning for a bit of tradition. Give your troops a break with the Classic Chess Piece Set now. Your chess board will show this set for both sides. Hurry, get this set from the Item Shop now!
Veteran Troops Chess Piece Set
The Veteran Troops chess piece set has just been released. Ditch your peasant followers and show your opponents your battle-hardened army. Buy the set from the Item Shop now!
Dynasty Chess
One of the world's favorite chess games comes to life in Chinese Chess.

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The war between Chu and Han has begun. Once a battle preparation tool, the ever popular game of Chinese Chess now wages war on the grounds of Viwawa!

No fancy skills. No retraction of moves. The only rule of engagement is to sow victory on the lands across the gushing Chu River with your cunning strategy.

Strategists, gather your heavenly troops and watch them come alive! Slay your opponents, outwit, and outlast. Every victory is a step to the title of Dynasty Grandmaster. Will you be the one to command and to conquer?